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Three days for a Lewinski?

* Please don’t send me e-mail telling me I should have blurred the guy’s name and his mom’s phone number. In the first place, I didn’t scan the form. Some one else did, and they should’ve thought about names and phone numbers before they uploaded the scan to the intertubes. It’s not my job to protect people from their own stupidity. I’m not a nanny. Second, the form is 7 years old. The “minor” in question is now 23, and the phone numbers probably changed long ago. If not… it’s still not my job to protect people from their own stupidity.

I appreciate well-meaning readers who want to protect me from liability, or protect the guy and his mom from harrassment, but… well… it’s not your job to protect people from their own stupidity, me included. (And no, I don’t think it was stupid of me not to blur the form. Re-read the previous paragraph if you don’t understand.) – Nick

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