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  • December 25, 2015
    Merry Christmas! My gift to you is another chapter of Summer Camp. Yay!

    I hope you’re enjoying the holiday cheer. I am, but I’m also very busy. Holiday and family stuff, of course, but lots of work-work as well. (Summer Camp is work too—chapters don’t magically write and edit themselves—so I call my day job “work-work.”)

    In spite of my busy schedule, I’ve been writing steadily. I finished the first draft of Chapter 25 (forthcoming), and I have most of Chapter 26 outlined. I’ll resume writing in the new year. Writing with electrons, that is. I’ve been writing 26 with neurons for a couple of weeks already.

    In the meantime, thanks for reading, as always. Enjoy the holidays and stay tuned, campers.

    - Nick