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  • April 30, 2015
    Welcome back, campers! It’s been another year, but I’m writing a lot more these days. New schedule, new projects, new enthusiasm.

    I’m a bit of a method writer, in that my writing affects my mood, and vice versa. So the middle part of Book 4 has been very difficult, since Paul deals with a lot of setbacks.

    But in Chapter 24 (forthcoming*), Paul suffers his “dark night of the soul.” Everything after that is the fun stuff, more or less. So I’m having fun writing. It’s still a lot of work, but fun work always seems easier.

    In any event, that’s enough for now. Thanks again for reading, as always.

    - Nick

    * I’ve finished writing Ch24, but I won’t release it for a while. I have another eBook in the works, and I need to finish Ch25 as well. In other words, stay tuned.