Summer Camp Swingers: Susan

Meet Susan, the friendliest nudist camp owner in the south

Summer Camp Swingers: Susan

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The complete Summer Camp Swingers Saga

Things are heating up at the Pines this summer.

Happy is relative.

Kendall Series

Class is in session.

Wren Series

Is there more to life than sex?

Christy Series

A second chance to make a first impression.

Meet the women of Summer Camp


Susan MacLean – Owner of the Pines, Paul's first lover and mentor


Gina Coulter – Paul's first girlfriend at camp, pledges ΧΩ at UT


Kendall Payton – Paul's second girlfriend at camp, later in college


Wren Hilliard – Christy's best friend and roommate, Trip's girlfriend


Christy Carmichael – Paul's friend and later girlfriend, Wren's best friend

...and the rest!

A beautiful bevy of models from the Summer Camp Swingers Universe