Learning the Ins & Outs

Summer Camp Swingers: Susan Series Book 2

Confidence is sexy.

After some time at camp to adjust (and many nights, days, and partners to help) Paul’s skills are beginning to shine. And he knows it. With his newfound confidence, he explores his interests… and the women of the Pines.

But while he keeps adding notches to his bedpost, his confidence also draws the eye of one of his old crushes, Gina. He might have learned several new toe-curling talents this summer, but he still has a lot to learn about emotions. Can he find a balance between the lusty ladies of camp and a budding relationship with Gina?

Paul’s circle of women grows in Learning the Ins & Outs, book 2 of 3 in the Summer Camp Swingers: Susan series by award-winning author Nick Scipio.

This book follows Paul and his summer camp friends as he finds his stride (much to the benefit of the ladies of the Pines). With so much already happening at camp, Paul’s crash course in the difference between love and sex raises the stakes, and he needs to learn to think with both heads if he wants to avoid conflict and maintain his reputation.

Learning the Ins & Outs was previously published as part of Summer Camp: Susan.

E-book cover for Learning the Ins & Outs by Nick Scipio


“I have been following this series since the very beginning. This is the big enchilada folks… The beginning of the final series. You will not be sorry… Lots of fantastic characters, romance, and yes, hot sex. Pick it up!”


“It’s not easy to accurately portray the college years of the 1980s without falling into the old tropes, but Nick Scipio manages to pull it off masterfully in Second Chance for Romance. What could have been cardboard cut-out characters become relatable and often recognizable friends and family members.”


“Whether you’re a college student or a middle-aged parent, you’ll find someone in this universe who speaks to you. There’s plenty of erotica I’d recommend to erotica fans. Nick’s work I’d recommend to anyone, period.”


“Nick has a way with dialog that makes you feel like you are part of the conversation or a fly on the wall… And what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall during some of the steamier scenes.”


“… A well written, well researched narrative… the story carefully shows the ups and downs of life and the struggles that young people face as they begin to emerge from under the wings of their parents and carve out their own futures.”


“Nick continues to raise the bar with his flair for character development, and still provides plenty of action scenes to keep things spicy.”

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Meet the women of Summer Camp


Susan MacLean – Owner of the Pines, Paul's first lover and mentor


Gina Coulter – Paul's first girlfriend at camp, pledges ΧΩ at UT


Kendall Payton – Paul's second girlfriend at camp, later in college


Wren Hilliard – Christy's best friend and roommate, Trip's girlfriend


Christy Carmichael – Paul's friend and later girlfriend, Wren's best friend

...and the rest!

A beautiful bevy of models from the Summer Camp Swingers Universe