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Summer Camp Swingers: Susan Series Book 1

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Chapter 4

When we got back to the camp that afternoon, it was late. I would barely have time to shower before dinner.

Susan dropped me off at our cabin and I waved as she drove down the hill toward her house.

I rushed into the cabin, kicking my shoes off and stripping off my clothes.

“What took you all so long?”

I froze. I turned and saw Mom sitting on the couch, reading a book. My mind was moving at a thousand miles an hour, as I was furiously trying to think of some excuse for being in town so long.

Drawing a blank, I mumbled, “Car trouble,” and headed into the bathroom.

When I came out, I was drying my hair, hoping Mom had already gone down to the clubhouse.

She hadn’t.

“I hope everything was okay,” she said, clearly a prompt for me to explain further.

I may have been caught off guard earlier, but I wasn’t stupid.

“Uh-huh,” I said.

I could see that Mom was clearly not impressed with my brevity, but I guess she decided not to press the issue.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked, hoping to change the subject.

“I thought I’d fix grilled-cheese sandwiches with peas and carrots.”

“Sounds great!” I said and bolted.

I heard Mom follow me out of the cabin, but I didn’t slow down. I wanted to get away from any pointed questions about several missing hours this afternoon.

✧ ✧ ✧

When I got to the clubhouse, I saw that there were many more people there than usual.

Six families had arrived that day. Most of them, I knew from summers past.

Dwight and his wife Karen had arrived, as expected, with their kids Trish and Jonathan. Trish was Erin’s age, but Jonathan was only eight or nine. I could see that Trish and Erin had already found each other, and were on one of the couches and chatting animatedly.

I was looking around to see who else I recognized when a pair of iron bands, which happened to be in the form of pale, strong arms, wrapped around my chest and heaved me into the air. I felt the breath whoosh out of me and saw stars as I was returned to the earth once again.

I turned around to find Manfred, one of my best friends at the camp. Manfred and I always got along well, although we couldn’t have been more different. Where I was short and pudgy, Manfred was tall and lanky. At fifteen, he was already taller than my dad.

And he was also the only person I knew who would sunburn faster than I did. He’d inherited his father’s fair skin, and he wore a t-shirt for practically the first week he was at camp, just to prevent a terrible sunburn. He’d inherited his hair from his mother, though, and it was a very pale blond. His father, John, was tall and thin too, with red hair and fair skin. Manfred’s mother, on the other hand, was one of the most statuesque women I’ve ever known. She wasn’t as tall as my dad, but she was at least 5’10”. She had the same pale blond hair that Manfred had, and she had a magnificent figure.

Many a night I had lain awake and envied Manfred. His mother, Ingrid, had high, firm breasts with pointy brown nipples. She tanned very easily and was always a beautiful golden brown. Her pubic hair matched the hair on her head, and it was so fair and fine that it seemed like she had a patch of spun gold at the junction of her legs. Too bad Manfred didn’t have a sister!

“Hey, little man, look who’s here,” Manfred fairly boomed down at me.

“Hey, Stick, when did y’all get here?”

“Couple hours ago. Where were you?”

“In town. I had to help Aunt Susan with some storm damage.” I decided that the less I said, the less I’d have to remember what I’d said to whom. “Where are you all staying?”

“The usual place,” Manfred said. They always stayed in one of the motel-style rooms in back of the first building.

I nodded. “Who else got here today? I’ve been gone since lunch.”


The one name was all that we needed to share a conspiratorial look.

Gina was our age, and really fun to hang out with. She wasn’t a girly girl, afraid to get dirty or touch bugs or other stuff. She wasn’t a tomboy, but she sure wasn’t afraid to have fun. I’d had a crush on Gina since I’d first met her two summers earlier. Manfred knew about it, and teased me mercilessly; the way only a close friend can do, totally ruthless but not hurtful.

The last time I had seen Gina, last summer, she had wonderful cone-shaped breasts with pointy dark brown nipples. Her pubic hair had just developed into a respectable strip, and she had begun to show some flare between her waist and hips. I couldn’t wait to see how she’d changed since then.

Gina was also a package deal; she had two sisters. Her older sister Kara was about three years older than me. She had a gorgeous body, but was well out of my league, being older and very attractive. Gina also had a younger sister, Leah, who was about six months younger than Erin. Leah, like Erin, had just begun to develop.

What made the three girls truly beautiful was their mother, Elizabeth. Gina’s mother was English, of Indian parents, and very elegant. Elizabeth had passed on to her three daughters her beautiful café-au-lait complexion, lustrous black hair, and exotic dark eyes.

Gina’s father was a television producer, and took long vacations during the summer re-runs. They almost always stayed for several weeks at the camp. I had much to look forward to. I had many dreams of the doe-eyed, beautiful young Gina. Many dreams indeed.

Shaking myself out of my reverie, I looked up and Manfred was grinning down at me like an idiot.

“What’s she look like?” I asked, desperate to know.

“Just wait.”

“Manfred, you’ve got to tell me,” I almost whined at him.

“Just wait,” was all he’d say.

“Okay, Mr. Scandinavian Stubbornness, who else is here?”

“Norm and Dee were in here earlier; they pulled in after we did.”

He pronounced their names like “Normandy”—our pet name for the older couple who towed their own Airstream trailer—basically living year-round at nudist camps across America.

“And?” I prompted.

“That’s all I know,” he shrugged. “Oh, except for some new family. I haven’t met ’em yet, but I know they’ve got three daughters and a son.”

“How old?”

“Dunno, just heard about ’em from my folks.”

About that time, Mom came into the clubhouse and came over to where Manfred and I were talking.

“Hello, Manfred. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thanks, Mrs. Hughes. How are you?”

“You’re always so polite, Manfred. But you know you can call me Beth,” Mom said with a smile. “I’m fine, thank you. Although, I’d be even better if my helpful son would lend a hand fixing dinner. Do you know where I can find my helpful son?” she asked in mock earnestness.

“No, ma’am, I haven’t seen your helpful son,” Manfred said, grinning broadly. “I guess you’ll have to settle for Paul.”

With a grimace at Manfred and an “I’ll get you” shake of my fist, I followed Mom to the kitchen area.

✧ ✧ ✧

At dinner, we talked about the new arrivals. Dwight and Karen, John and Ingrid (Manfred’s parents), Chris and Elizabeth (Gina’s parents), and Norm and Dee I already knew about.

Mom also told us that Stan and Terri would be staying in the cabin next to ours. It wasn’t really next to ours, being almost 100 feet away, but “next to” was apt enough. Stan was tall and wiry thin, and Terri was almost the exact opposite, a petite woman with short blond hair and smallish, cone-shaped breasts.

I found out that the Coulters, Gina’s family, were staying in the cabin above ours on the ridge. Dwight and Karen Delozier were staying in the cabin beyond Stan and Terri Dunbar’s.

Mom also told us that a new family had come to the camp. I perked up at this news, and so did Erin. Not that it was new news to me—in fact, Manfred had mentioned the new family already. But Mom had evidently already talked to them. John and Jessica Jordan, and their four children, were staying in one of the larger cabins behind the motel-style buildings.

Erin and I pressed for more information about their kids. Mom told us that they had three daughters, sixteen, thirteen, and ten, and a son, nine. She didn’t know their names, however. Erin perked up at the prospect of another girl her age, and I was quietly enthusiastic about a new sixteen-year-old girl at the camp. Erin would be out of my hair with three other girls her age, and I, at least, could have fun with Manfred and Gina, whether the new girl was any fun or not.

As I thought of spending time with my friends, my thoughts quickly turned to Susan. I definitely enjoyed the time we spent together, but the thought of missing time with my friends filled me with pangs of anxiety. But then the thought of not spending time with Susan drove all those thoughts from my mind.

Susan was definitely important to me, in ways I couldn’t really put my mental finger on. I didn’t know if I was falling in love with her or not, but the fact that she was one of the few people in the world who treated me like an adult meant a great deal to me. Susan treated me like a man, and I liked that. And, of course, my fifteen-year-old mind admitted, the sex was a lot of fun too.

After we’d finished eating, Erin and I helped Mom clean up the dishes. We both knew that if we were helpful, then Mom would let us do what we wanted for the rest of the night. She usually did, but ensuring things by helping out never hurt.

Most of the other families in the clubhouse were finishing dinner too, and we were just finishing cleaning up when Susan entered the building. She was wearing her bikini bottoms (I had gotten so used to seeing her without them that they almost looked out of place), and was greeting new arrivals.

As she made her way toward our table, Erin asked if she could go play with Trish and Leah. Mom said yes, and she raced off to find the other two girls.

“Hi, Beth,” Susan said as she came up to us. “I really appreciate you letting me monopolize Paul like I’ve been shamelessly doing. He’s been very helpful.”

“I’m glad he has. I’m very proud of him,” Mom said. “I understand you two had a bit of car trouble this afternoon.”

I almost choked on my own tongue! I wondered if I could kill myself by holding my breath. I hadn’t had time to tell Susan about the lame excuse I’d given Mom about why we were in town so long.

“Car trouble?” Susan asked innocently. “Not with my car, no,” she picked up smoothly. “We went to the hardware store, but they didn’t have the panels we needed. So we had to order them from Spartanburg. That took some time,” Susan said calmly.

“I’m glad to hear you didn’t have car trouble,” Mom said, shooting an ominous glance at me.

“Oh, I didn’t say we didn’t have a bit of car trouble, it just wasn’t with my car,” Susan said, coming to my rescue.

“Oh?” Mom asked.

“When we were leaving the hardware store, we happened to run across the cashier from the grocery store from yesterday. Paul and I both remembered her because she was so nice.”

Mom arched an eyebrow at me and nodded for Susan to continue.

She was the one having car trouble. So Paul suggested that we stop and help her out.”

“Very nice of him,” Mom said.

“Always help a lady in distress,” I chirped up with what I hoped was an innocent expression.

“We ended up giving her a ride home, and she invited us in for a cold drink as a way of saying thanks. I guess we stayed there longer than we thought. She was a very nice young woman.”

“Ah,” Mom said.

“So I guess that’s what Paul meant when he told you we had ‘car trouble,’” Susan said.

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t make that clearer, Mom,” I apologized as sheepishly as I could.

“Anyway,” Susan said, “I just wanted to stop by and tell you what a wonderful job Paul is doing, and how helpful he’s been.”

“Thank you,” Mom said, smiling at me.

Susan turned to me, “And since we’ve been working so hard these past few days, why don’t we take tomorrow off and take a little R&R?”

“You’re sure?” I asked. I felt my panic building, then thought about the situation from Susan’s perspective and relaxed somewhat. Besides, I did want to spend time with my friends.

“Sure, Paul,” Susan said dismissively. “We’ve got Monday to finish the boxes on the back wall, and the roof panels won’t be in until next Wednesday.”

“Okay. Fine by me,” I said.

“Good then, it’s settled,” Susan said. “Have a nice night.”

“You do the same,” Mom said.

Susan turned to talk to another family and Mom turned to me.

“Car trouble? Do you know how worried I was about you?”

“Sorry, Mom, I should’ve explained better,” I said contritely.

“Oh well, it’s water under the bridge now,” she said, letting me off the hook.

Suddenly, she was hugging me again. I hugged her back, feeling a little awkward.

“I was just worried about you, honey,” she said.

I resolved myself not to get an erection, and Mom obliged me by releasing me fairly quickly.

“Now go find Manfred and try to stay out of trouble,” Mom said, laughing.

✧ ✧ ✧

The next day was Sunday, and for the first time in several days, it was a normal “camp day.” Not that I was complaining. The past four days had been like an emotional whirlwind; a very enjoyable whirlwind at that.

As it turned out, the new family had a thing for J’s. The next morning, while we were eating breakfast in the clubhouse (I wondered wickedly what Susan was having for breakfast), we met them at last.

John and Jessica Jordan entered the clubhouse and began making the rounds, introducing themselves. Erin and I met Jenny, Jill, Jackie, and John Junior—sixteen, thirteen, ten, and nine, respectively. John Jordan was an average looking guy, but his wife could’ve been a model.

Jessica was a little taller than I was, with lustrous dark brown hair. She was thin, with a fine-boned face and high, firm breasts. She had long legs and slender hips, a narrow tuft of pubic hair, and a tanned complexion. Her daughters were remade in her image, in varying stages of development. Jenny was taller than I was, with a body almost identical to her mother’s. I got the feeling that she didn’t want to have anything to do with someone who was only fifteen. So much for her. Erin and Jill hit it off first thing, and Jill joined the group formed by my sister, Trish, and Leah.

But the real surprise of my morning was Gina. Her parents came down for breakfast first, then she and her older sister came into the clubhouse.

I was stunned.

The last time I had seen Gina, she had still been developing. Now, she had blossomed into full womanhood. She was still about 5’4”, but her breasts were now luscious, full and round, capped by beautiful dark brown nipples. Her narrow waist flared to full hips, leading to very well-proportioned, trim legs. Her pubic hair was a neat strip, fuller in the middle and sparser on the edges. She had also let her hair grow; her shoulder-length jet black tresses were wavy and shone in the morning light. She was a darkly exotic beauty. More so now than ever.

I had just resolved myself to go and talk to her when I felt a thud in my right arm.

“Hiya, little man,” Manfred said as he sat down at the table. “What’d I tell ya?”

“Huh?” I looked at him blankly.

“Huh,” he said, aping my expression with near perfection.

“What’re you talking about Manfred?” I asked him in exasperation.

“Dude… One word,” he paused, counting off the seconds. “Gina.”


“Man, you are gone.”


“Did I tell ya or did I tell ya?” Manfred asked, smiling comically at me and nodding at Gina.

“Yeah,” I said, breaking the spell she’d cast over me with her body. “Wow!”

“Wow indeed,” he chuckled. “Have you met the J’s yet?”


“The J’s, little man. John, Jessica, Jenny, Joanie, Jermaine, blah, blah, blah-blah. The J’s.”

“Oh, yeah, I met them earlier.”

“Oldest one’s kinda cute.”

“Yeah,” I said absent-mindedly, still thinking about Gina.

“Dude! You’re hopeless,” he said, punching me in the shoulder again. “Let’s go swimming. I’m dying to jump in the lake!”

With that, he stood and unrolled a white Led Zeppelin t-shirt and tugged me to my feet.

We tore out of the clubhouse, letting the screen door bang behind us.

✧ ✧ ✧

Most of the day, Manfred and I were in the lake, or around it. I had already gotten enough of a tan that I didn’t have to wear a t-shirt, but poor Manfred had to rub sunblock all over himself and wear a t-shirt. Otherwise, he would’ve looked like a Scandinavian lobster.

Gina and the oldest J were sunning themselves on the raft a lot of the day. Manfred and I would quietly swim up to them and splash them with cold water.

After lunch, the girls decided that they’d had enough of sunbathing on the raft, and they actually talked to us. Wonder of wonders, teenagers of the opposite sex actually talking to each other.

We got a game of Marco Polo going, and Erin and her friends joined us. Even the two younger J’s, Jackie and John Junior (who they all called John J), and Trish’s brother Jonathan got into the game. A ten-person game of Marco Polo is a whole lot of fun.

After we had exhausted ourselves playing in the lake, Manfred and I were actually invited to join Gina and Jenny on the raft, provided we didn’t splash them.

We were on our best behavior the entire time.

✧ ✧ ✧

Mom had invited Susan to dinner that evening. After dinner, the breeze died down and the still air outside was hot. Mom and Susan were going to go down to the lake and cool off. I went looking for Manfred, and when I couldn’t find him, Mom invited me to come to the lake with them.

I readily accepted. I hadn’t had two minutes to be around Susan all day, and I found that I didn’t like it very much. I know I missed the sex, but I also found (much to my surprise) that I missed talking to her too.

As we walked down the hill, the sun was just dropping toward the horizon. It would actually be two hours or more until sunset, but with the ridges around the camp, it actually got dark on the ground much earlier. We could easily see to make our way down the hill, but in about twenty minutes, it would start getting dark.

When we got to the lake, there were a couple of people still there, but most were packing up their towels to head up to the clubhouse before it got too dark.

We waded into the cold water of the lake very slowly, taking one step at a time, until we were up to our necks, standing just at the bottom of the steps. In the dwindling daylight, the water at the deep end of the lake was as dark and impenetrable as ever.

“The camp is always so much more alive with more people here,” Susan said somewhat wistfully.

“It is,” Mom agreed.

“Have you talked to the Jordans much?” Susan asked.

“A little. He’s a corporate attorney, she used to be a model. You know, same old, same old.”

“Yeah,” Susan said, laughing quietly. Voices carried at night, especially over the water. “They do seem to be a nice couple.”

“How did they find out about the camp?”

“Through a client of his. John was transferred to Atlanta from California, and they quietly asked around.”

And then I felt it. In the back of my mind, I had been half hoping something like this would happen, but I couldn’t be sure that it would.

I felt a hand tentatively feeling for me. I had been waiting for this, and as the hand found my flaccid penis and gripped it firmly, I quickly became erect.

In the final direct light from the sun, I looked at both women’s faces. For the life of me, I couldn’t tell who had their fingers wrapped around my joint.

I tuned out their conversation and decided to enjoy it.

The hand quickly started stroking my erection, gently but firmly. The sensation was indescribable, heightened by the fact that I wasn’t sure whether it was Susan or Mom stroking me.

When I didn’t try to pull away, the hand became bolder, moving to cup and fondle my balls. Since the water was so cold, they had receded far into my abdomen, so there was little to fondle. Shortly, the warm hand returned to my erection.

We stood like this for perhaps another twenty minutes—the two women chatting, me listening to the conversation and occasionally contributing, and one of them slowly, tantalizingly stroking my hard-on.

When the sun finally dropped below the ridge, the sky was aglow with the dying reds and oranges while the surface of the lake was near black. I could scarcely make out the shapes of the two women not two feet in front of me.

“Beth,” Susan asked hesitantly, “do you mind if I take off my bikini bottoms. They’ve got a tag in them that’s got a point on it that’s digging into my waist. It’s itching me to death.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, Paul knows.”


“The first day he came to work for me, he caught me right as I’d gotten out of the shower,” she confessed. “And since the cat was already out of the bag, so to speak, I didn’t really worry about it.”

“Oh, okay. As long as you’re comfortable with it, I’m sure Paul and I will be too.”

“Oh, I’ll be much more comfortable as soon as I trim this tag out when I get back to the house.”

The hand on my penis left me as Susan shucked off her bikini bottoms and I began to think furiously. Either it was indeed Susan, or Mom was very, very clever. Once I thought about it, however, it could go either way. I heard the wet plop of Susan’s wet bottoms hitting the brick coping of the lake and waited for the hand to return.

I was disappointed when it didn’t. But that disappointment didn’t last long.

“I don’t know why, but my shoulders sure do ache today,” Susan said.

“Would you like me to rub them?” I quickly volunteered.

“Ooh, that would be nice,” Susan said.

“Mmmm, that does sound good,” Mom echoed.

“Beth, you go first, I can wait.”

“No, Suz, you’re the one who suggested it.”

A chorus of polite “no, you go firsts” ensued, and I quickly lost track of who said what.

Finally, as I leaned back against the sun-warmed brick of the coping, I heard one of the woman accede to going first. I raised my hands and felt a body back up under them.

The problem was, I wasn’t really sure who it was, Mom or Susan. Nevertheless, I began slowly rubbing her shoulders.

Not knowing who it was, however, was compounded when the woman in front of me backed up and the warm flesh of her ass rubbed up against my still-hard penis. I felt her hands come around behind her and grasp my erection.

She leaned forward and lowered my erection so that it was positioned between her ass cheeks. When she slid backward again, my hard dick was nestled between her legs, clamped tight by her thighs and the heat of her pussy.

I felt her pussy open up as she pressed against my hardness, and I quickly decided that it must be Susan in front of me, rubbing her pussy with my erection. In the darkness, I moved my hands from her shoulders around to cup her breasts. I heard her moan approvingly as my hands began to knead them and roll her nipples gently between my fingers.

After ten blissful minutes, she finally leaned forward and said, “Next.”

In a moment, I felt the warmth of another body in front of me and I raised my hands to bring them down on her shoulders. I was rubbing the shoulders in front of me when once again, I felt her back up.

I was certain this was Mom, and as she backed against my erection, I felt her reach around to grasp my penis. She too aimed the tip of my hard-on between her legs and backed up against me.

As my penis probed between her thighs, I waited for the feeling of her pubic hair tickling the top of my penis. As she pressed her ass against my hips, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

She pulled forward and grasped my cock from between her legs. Arching her back a little, she pushed back and my cock easily slipped between the shaven labia of Susan’s pussy.

Susan’s pussy?!

Oh my God, I thought to myself. The first woman had been Mom. Not only had she ground her pussy against my cock, I had fondled her breasts for almost the entire time.

As Susan began to slowly ride me, I was in shock. My brain seemed to cease functioning.

Susan rode me, back and forth, for about five minutes. As she gently rocked back and forth, she struck up a conversation with Mom.

Now that the two women were talking, I could definitely tell who was who. But that only served to confirm that Mom was the first woman.

Suddenly, Susan pulled forward. The shock of the cold water on my cock, which had been nestled in a warm pussy only seconds ago, was tremendous. My shock-addled brain was already overloaded, and I almost passed out from the sensation.

The two women put their heads close together, several feet in front of me and had a low-voiced conversation.

Because their heads were so close, and their voices pitched low, I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. The intensity of the conversation rose once, but never the volume, and what they talked about remained a mystery.

In a few minutes, I heard Mom’s voice.

“I’m going to swim out to the raft and warm up for a few minutes,” Mom said.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a few minutes,” Susan answered.

I then heard her swim out toward the raft.

Then I saw a figure swim up to me and felt a hand on my chest, pushing me up and back.

I knew that Mom would hear anything either of us said, so I kept quiet. I put my hands back up on the coping and hoisted myself out until I sat on the still-warm bricks.

I felt her hands pushing my legs apart. As she moved in between my legs, one of her hands pushed on my chest, pushing my torso backward. I bent back at her touch, supporting myself with my arms.

She put both her hands on my hips, and then a wonderful warm wetness engulfed my prick.

As soon as my head slid over her tongue, I felt her moan. Her lips clamped down on my shaft and she flicked her tongue over the tip of my penis. Without warning, she opened her mouth and swallowed nearly my whole length.

As her lips clamped about my shaft, midway down my length, I felt her moan again, deep and low in her chest. She slowly withdrew her lips, sucking her cheeks in and drawing her tongue along the length of my shaft.

She popped my erection out of her mouth and I felt her tongue running along the sensitive underside of my penis, down then back up. I felt her teeth playfully nip under the crown of my cock and then she wrapped her lips back around the head.

She slowly engulfed the length of my dick in her warm mouth, seeming to savor the flavor and texture of my manhood. Then she began to bob her head back and forth, gently stroking my erection with her mouth.

All of a sudden, she let my dick spring free of her sucking lips and I felt the sensitive skin on the bottom of my cock rub against her cheek. I felt her kisses all the way down the shaft of my dick, light as a butterfly’s wings. Once she reached the springy mat of hair at the base of my dick, she kissed her way back up my shaft.

When she reached the end, she kissed the head, tilted her head the other way, and kissed down my shaft a second time. When she reached the head of my cock this time, she tightened her grip on my hips and began rapidly plunging her head down, impaling her mouth on my dick.

Finally, I felt her clamp her lips about two inches from the base of my penis. She sucked gently, then I felt her lips open once more. Instead of pulling back, however, she slowly shoved her head forward. I felt my cock enter the back of her throat as her lips clamped down again.

I thought surely she would withdraw now, but I felt her take a deep breath through her nose and open her lips again. With one final lunge, she closed her lips around the absolute base of my cock and I couldn’t stifle my groan of pleasure.

I could feel my cock in the back of her throat, her muscles clamping on the tip. Her nose was pressed against the flesh above my shaft. She gripped me like that for several seconds, the most wonderful seconds of my life, my young cock down her throat. Finally, she withdrew, raking her lips and tongue along the length of my shaft.

When she got to the end, she let my penis slip from her lips, and I could hear her take a deep breath. She engulfed half my prick with her furnace of a mouth. Once again, she opened her lips and took me still deeper. Then again, she opened her lips and swallowed me to the root, gripping my hips fiercely with her hands, holding her head down on my erection.

With all the stimulation from earlier, and then the illicit thrill of knowing I had been fondling my mom’s breasts (and she had enjoyed it!), I didn’t last long after that.

As she withdrew the second time after taking me into her throat, I felt my come welling up, ready to spurt. She felt it too and took my dick as deep as she could.

I erupted with a barely contained groan of pleasure. I shot my seed down her throat, gushing forth what felt like gallons. With her hands on my hips, she pulled me deeper into her mouth. I felt her lips and cheeks moving as she swallowed my load. Once. Twice. Three times.

When my cock finally stopped spurting into her willing mouth, she slowly withdrew her lips. I heard her swallow and draw a deep, shuddering breath. She wrapped her lips around my slowly deflating penis, making sure to avoid the sensitive glans.

When she had sucked the remaining seed from my shaft, she released me. Without a word, I heard her swim away from me. I slid into the cold water and followed her.

The raft was a looming blot of darker darkness against the backdrop of the pine forest across the lake. She reached it right before me and climbed on top of it.

I climbed up between the two women, dripping and happy to be out of the cold water. I didn’t know who was who until Susan spoke quietly in the darkness.

“I love it out here at night.”

“Mmmmm, me too,” Mom said dreamily.

I reached out toward the sound of Susan’s voice, not afraid of being seen in the darkness. As my hand touched Susan’s leg, my mind raced.

I choked back a cry of alarm as my hand rested on the warm, dry skin of her thigh.

✧ ✧ ✧

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