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Summer Camp Swingers: Susan Series Book 1

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Chapter 5

I got up on my own the next morning, and Mom was just getting up as I was coming out of the bathroom. She was brushing her hair at the dresser when I emerged. When I stepped out of the bathroom, she put her brush on the dresser and smiled at me.

I had told her about our trip to town today, and she had written a grocery list out. She folded it and stuffed it into an envelope that I could see contained cash. She folded the flap closed and put it on the top of the dresser.

“There’s a list in there of all the groceries that we need. And there should be enough cash in there to pay for everything,” she said, opening my dresser drawer.

“Mmm hmm,” I said, settling in for the redundant, and unnecessary, instructions.

“Bring back the change, please. Also, be sure you thank Aunt Susan for me. I know you’ll be polite while you’re with her. And do what she says.”

“Which shorts do you want?”




“Make sure you clean up before you leave for town,” she said, looking at me sternly. “Ask Aunt Susan if you can shower there,” she instructed. (Little did she know!)

She pulled my shorts and my Dallas Cowboys t-shirt out of the drawer along with a pair of socks and underwear. She spread the shirt out on top of the dresser and rolled the other clothing up in it.

Mom handed me the rolled-up bundle of clothes and the envelope with the list and money. I waited for her to finish her instructions, knowing that I wasn’t done yet.

“Have fun and be sure you get everything on the list. I know you won’t cause any problems, but I’ll tell you anyway,” she said, smiling at me, only half teasing. “Don’t cause any problems.” Then she nodded to reassure me that she trusted me.

“Okay, Mom. Bye.”

I turned and headed for the door. I couldn’t wait to get to Susan’s for breakfast! I had just opened the cabin door and was nearly out the screen door when she called me back. I turned and looked at her, trying to hide my exasperation.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

I frowned in thought and shook my head.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded blithely.

Her eyes flicked to the end of the bunk beds and she looked pointedly at the floor. Belatedly, I spotted my sneakers. A stricken look came over my face as I shifted my clothes to my right hand and reached down with my left.

“Thanks, Mom,” I said, smiling up at her in gratitude as I plucked my shoes from the floor.

With that, I turned and banged through the screen door, letting it slam behind me. Erin hated it when I did that. I smiled as I jogged down the hill toward Susan’s.

✧ ✧ ✧

Once I got to Susan’s house, she motioned me in when she saw me approach the kitchen door. I set my shoes on the floor and the rest of what I was carrying on the counter.

“Good morning, sunshine,” she said, smiling at me.

She poured me a bowl of cereal and took two pieces of cheese toast out of the oven. She silently directed me to sit down, in my usual chair closest to the door, and set the bowl and plate in front of me.

I sent a questioning glance to her empty end of the table.

“I thought I’d have the same thing that I had yesterday,” she said, smiling wickedly. “If it’s okay with you, that is.”

I felt my eyes widen and I quickly nodded. I couldn’t believe my luck! Of course I had hoped that this would happen. But hope and reality have a way of turning out differently. This morning, I was glad that my reality was running smack into my hopes.

“Why don’t we make a game of it?” she asked.

I wrinkled my brow in confusion.

“Let’s see how much of your breakfast you can finish before I finish with my breakfast!”

I nodded, and she smiled wickedly again, dropping to her knees and disappearing under the table.

I had just scooped a bite of cereal when I felt her warm hand part my thighs. I felt the inside of my legs against her shoulders as her hot breath washed over my groin. My dick stiffened instantly, and all thought of breakfast fled my mind as her soft, wet lips fastened themselves onto the tip of my penis.

She sucked me slowly, taking long strokes that dragged her wet lips and tongue back over the length of my shaft. I could hear her making little noises of delight under the table as she bobbed her head back and forth on my manhood.

With one hand, she reached up to fondle my balls as she sucked me gently. Every once in a while, she would stop when she got most of my dick in her mouth and she would run her tongue over the underside of my shaft. She would softly shake her head side to side, raking the smooth skin of my penis against the equally smooth inside of her cheeks. Then she would withdraw and return to bobbing her head, caressing my length with her lips and tongue.

I lasted longer than I thought I would, she seemed to have a way of drawing things out, but I didn’t last as long as I wanted to!

Before long, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I felt the rush of pressure surge up my shaft. As soon as the first spurt shot into her mouth, she locked her lips just behind the crown of my cock and brought her hand up to stroke and milk my shaft. My cock seemed to swell still further as I came in her mouth, shooting my seed down her throat.

When I finally finished shooting my load, she gently sucked my deflating cock, coaxing the last remaining drops of semen from my shaft.

I closed my eyes in pleasure as she slowly nursed my penis back to its flaccid state. When she was done, she reappeared on the other side of the table and climbed up into the chair. Her look was insufferably smug as she stared pointedly at my barely-touched cereal and toast.

“I win,” she said, practically preening. She smiled broadly, her white teeth reminding me of the white semen I had just shot over them. “Now finish your breakfast, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

My cereal was soggy and my toast was cold, but I obediently consumed it all.

✧ ✧ ✧

After breakfast, we finished up all the boxes on the side wall of the garage. There were no more finds like the photo albums, however. Mostly, it was the kind of things that people accumulate over many years of life—knick-knacks.

The whole time I was moving boxes, however, Susan was teasing me. I’d come up to set a box down and she’d ask me to wait before picking up the box she was working on. When she had taped up the new box, she would fondle me before she’d let me pick it up.

Or she would spread her legs, making eye contact with me before she did it, and run her index finger over her slit. I would invariably drop my eyes to the spectacle before me (as she meant for me to) and when I’d look back up at her, she’d be grinning at me.

Once, she caught me as I was turning from the shelves, sank to her knees, and sucked me until I was fully hard. As soon as I stiffened completely, however, she popped my dick out of her mouth and went back to work with an evil twinkle in her eye.

Her antics kept me almost permanently hard. And by lunchtime, I was almost ready to jerk off in front of her just for some relief.

When we finished the last box from the side of the garage, we decided to break for an early lunch. We were walking past the wrought-iron table, my hard-on leading the way, when she suddenly turned. She spun on her heels so quickly that I almost bumped into her.

With a wicked grin, she dropped to her knees and immediately took my length as far as she could into her mouth. She only bobbed her head four or five times, however, then stood up. She pushed me aside a little and bent over the glass table top, supporting herself with her outstretched arms.

“Fuck me from behind,” she said over her shoulder, her voice thick with emotion.

I readily complied. I bent my knees slightly to come up from behind, and when I moved my hips forward, my dick slid into her easily. The first touch of my flesh on hers was electric, and she let out a low moan of pleasure.

When I had myself firmly seated in her pussy, I grabbed her hips and began to slowly thrust in and out of her.

The feeling of her pussy was in some ways better than her mouth. Her pussy gripped me like a vise—a very hot, very wet vise. I slowly sawed my cock in and out of her pussy, and I could feel her need as she quivered beneath me.

“This is for teasing me all morning,” I said as I kept my pace deliberately slow.

She only whimpered.

I kept up my glacial pace as long as I could. But finally, the sensations created by the walls of her vagina overwhelmed me and I began thrusting into her with strong strokes.

She was thrust forward every time my hips slammed into her ass and drove my cock deep into her pussy. Her arms slid out from under her and she stretched out on the table before me, open to my onslaught. I pumped into her a few more times before I felt my come boiling up.

With one final thrust, I pounded into her, held my hips against her ass with my hands, and felt my come erupt inside her. I felt as if my body were being emptied of semen, I came so powerfully. My eyes closed tightly as I held onto her, locked inside her, at the mercy of my gushing penis.

When my come finally slowed to a trickle, I opened my eyes. I’d had them shut so tightly that I saw spots for a moment. I relaxed my clenched legs and buttocks, and looked down at Susan’s back where she panted, stretched out on the table. When we finally recovered a semblance of our normal breathing, I pulled my hips back and let my slick penis slide from her pussy.

I was still half-hard, and she slid off the table to kneel in front of me. With increasing energy, she cleaned our combined juices from my dick. When she pronounced me clean enough and stood, she took my hand in hers and we went inside.

We had been so occupied with each other that neither of us had noticed the person standing at the entry to the courtyard.

✧ ✧ ✧

Once inside, we showered together. I enjoyed washing her, and I certainly enjoyed her washing me. But I had just come not more than fifteen minutes before, I survived the experience without an erection.

When we got out of the shower, Susan wrapped her towel around her head and headed off to her bedroom to get dressed. I suddenly realized that I’d forgotten to bring any deodorant. Fortunately, rooting around in the medicine cabinet, I found some left over from her sons, and was soon dressed and waiting in the living room.

I heard the hairdryer from the back of the house shut off, and then Susan entered the living room. She had her hair up in a pony tail, a very cute hair style that made her look several years younger. She wore a men’s button shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It was tucked into a light, mid-thigh-length beige print skirt. Completing the outfit, she wore strappy sandals that accentuated her calves.

She fixed a quick lunch of sandwiches and lemonade. When we finished eating and Susan had put the dishes in the sink for later, she picked up her purse from the counter in the kitchen. She reminded me to get my envelope with my mom’s shopping list and cash, and we headed out to the courtyard. Since we were still working in the garage, her car was parked out in front of it. We hopped into the station wagon and headed out.

On the way out of the camp, we saw Mom come out the side door of the clubhouse and flag us down.

We had our windows rolled down because of the heat, and as Susan slowed to a stop, Mom walked up to lean down to the window. She had a flustered expression on her face. She looked at Susan, then slid her gaze to me. Her expression was unreadable, and I wondered if I’d done something wrong.

Then she sort of shook herself and smiled.

“Sorry to flag you down,” she said to Susan by way of explanation, “but I remembered that we were low on Cokes, so I wanted Paul to pick some up.”

She looked at me.

“You should have enough money, just add two six-packs of Coke to your list.”

“Sure, Mom. No problem.”

She smiled and Susan nodded, “I’ll make sure he remembers them, Beth.”

“Thanks, Suz.”

Mom looked at me one more time, and I could swear that as she rose to back away from the car, her eyes dropped to my crotch. Before I could react, however, Mom waved.

Susan returned the wave, smiled, and drove off.

“What was that about?” Susan asked, looking over at me.

I shrugged, “I dunno.”


✧ ✧ ✧

The drive from the camp to the chained gate was only fifteen minutes. The gate was actually two large white-painted cinder-block anchor pillars with a padlocked chain stretched between them. Signs on the inbound side of the pillars proclaimed this to be private property and forbade trespassing. The pine forest came right up to the sandy road at this point, and there was no way to bypass the gate with a car.

When we arrived at the chain, Susan told me the combination to the lock. I got out, unlocked the chain, and let it fall to the ground. When she drove over the chain, I hauled it back through the anchor bolt, pulled it tight, and re-locked the padlock to hold it in place. I returned to the passenger side of the station wagon and we drove off.

The drive from the gate was another twenty minutes. We were about halfway to the main road when Susan slowed. The pine forest had thinned out by this point, and as Susan turned right, into the weeds, I was certain she had gone nuts. It was heavily overgrown with tall grass, but there was indeed the beginnings of a cleared track beyond the weeds. I could barely make out the sandy road, but Susan seemed assured so I relaxed and let her drive.

“This is where my father first wanted to put his house. After they surveyed the land, he decided that the current location was much better, since we could build the lake. And it would require much less time, money, and trouble removing trees. Up ahead, the forest is fairly thick, and we would’ve had to remove acres of trees to build what my father wanted.

“So he decided to locate the camp where it is now. But we’d come up here on picnics when I was a little girl. I think I’m the only one who knows about it, and I keep it to myself, since it’s so special to me.

“Unless you know the road is here, you’d have to practically stumble over it to find it. And no one from the camp hikes this far toward the main road,” she explained as we drove slowly down the overgrown track.

We reached a natural clearing after about ten minutes, and Susan stopped the station wagon in the tall grass. She stopped the engine and we got out of the car.

“Take your clothes off,” she said, unbuttoning her shirt. “Leave your shoes and socks on, though.”

I complied quickly. I had only my t-shirt, underwear and shorts to slide off. I watched as she pulled her shirt from her skirt and took it off, throwing it on the driver’s seat. She reached around behind her and unclasped her bra. I was mesmerized as I watched the globes of her breasts spill out of her bra as she removed it. She then bent over and slid her skirt and panties off in one fluid motion.

Once she’d tossed everything on the car seat, she walked off into the woods. I quickly caught up with her. We walked through the shade of the pine forest for perhaps ten more minutes. Up ahead, I could see the trees thinning out, and thought I heard the sound of running water.

We came around a low hill and she stopped. Before us were several large rocks. Over the rocks, most of them taller than me, ran a stream. The falls formed a dark pool at the base of the larger rocks, and then ran off down the hill to our right.

“This is one of the streams that feed the camp’s lake,” she said.


“Very,” she said, smiling. “The spring starts several hundred feet up this hill, but this is my favorite place.”

I could see why. The trees were thinner here, because of the stream, and the sun shone down to bake the large rocks of the falls.

“The pool is about four feet deep, and very cold,” she said. “On a summer day, however, it’s a great place for a picnic and a swim.”

She stood silently for a few moments, then sighed deeply.

“This is a very special place for me,” she said quietly.

I stood close to her and kept silent.

She closed her eyes and stood silently for another minute, enjoying the sounds of the forest and the small falls.

At last, she turned to me with a mischievous look in her eye and dropped to her knees. She took my penis in her mouth and began working on it. Despite the fact that I’d already come twice today, I was quickly erect.

She took my penis out of her mouth and turned her attentions to my balls. While she licked them, she stroked my length with her left hand.

She continued alternately licking my balls and sucking my dick for perhaps another minute. Then she popped my manhood out of her mouth and stood. At my look of disappointment, she chided me.

“Just wait… You’ll enjoy it,” she said cryptically.

With that, she turned and started off, back the way we’d come.

✧ ✧ ✧

When we got back to the car, I went to put on my clothes.

“Leave your underwear off,” she said to me over the hood of the car.


“Just don’t put your underwear on, that’s all.”

“But won’t people be able to tell?” I asked. My shorts weren’t all that thick to begin with. And I still had to cram my half-hard penis into the thin fabric. It would stand out to anyone who was paying attention.

“Mmm hmm,” she said, grinning.

“Okay,” I said, still not convinced.

“Trust me,” she said confidently.

I watched as she picked up her skirt. She shook her panties loose from where they’d been tangled up in the thin garment. Leaving the white panties on the car seat, she stepped into the skirt and slid it up her shapely legs.

Leaving her bra on the car seat too, she thrust her arms into the shirt. She didn’t button it up at all. Rather, she tied the shirt tails in a loose knot at her midriff. It was so loose, that when she looked up and saw me watching her, she grasped the edges of the shirt and pulled them apart, exposing her nipples to me.

“You’re not going into town like that, are you?”

“Mmm hmm,” she nodded, her eyes twinkling with mirth.

I shook my head and got into the car. We put our discarded underwear in the glove compartment and returned to the camp road. From there, it was only ten minutes more to the main road, a two-lane “highway” leading to town.

The drive to town took another forty minutes, and we chatted idly about the sights along the road, cars we passed, and anything else that struck our fancy.

✧ ✧ ✧

Once we got into town, the first stop we made was at a bank. I stayed in the car while Susan went inside.

When she returned, she handed me a bank envelope, gesturing for me to open it.

“That’s your pay for this week.”

I tentatively opened the envelope. Inside, I counted six crisp new twenty dollar bills! This was a small fortune for a teenager, and visions of what I would purchase flashed through my mind. The possibilities were endless!

I was lost in thought as we pulled out of the bank parking lot, Susan smiling at my preoccupation the entire time.

✧ ✧ ✧

I was so lost in thought about my newfound riches that I didn’t even notice when we pulled into the Winn-Dixie parking lot. When Susan parked the car, I looked up.

I guess early Friday afternoon wasn’t a busy time at the grocery store. We were one of the only cars in the parking lot. As I got out of the car, I asked about the lack of people at the store. Susan pointed down the street and I saw a much larger, and much newer grocery store. I suspected that good old Winn-Dixie might just be suffering from the newer competition.

“I’ve been coming to this store for years, and I know where everything is. So I guess I keep coming back because it’s convenient,” she said.

I shrugged.

It didn’t matter to me much one way or the other. I took out my envelope with the list and the money, clutched it in my hand, and followed Susan into the store.

Inside the grocery store, the air conditioning was not really up to the job. I suspected that did more than anything to drive away customers on a hot South Carolina summer day.

Once in the store, Susan set her sunglasses on top of her head, pulled out a basket, and we headed off to the produce section. I took out my list and began to fill the basket with groceries.

After the produce section, we came to the dairy coolers, and Susan began to tease me. Her shirt was tied so loosely that she could easily slide it to one side or the other and completely expose one of her breasts. In the chill of the dairy aisle (one of the few cool places in the store, I suspected!), she pulled her shirt to the left and exposed herself to my gaze.

“Brrrrrr. It sure is cold over here,” she said with a mischievous smile.

I almost panicked, looking around to see if anyone could see us. I hastily determined that the store was as devoid of employees as it was of customers.

“My poor nipples are so hard,” she continued, baiting me.

I couldn’t move, I was so afraid of being caught. She only grinned at my discomfort and blithely turned to continue down the aisle—without covering her exposed breast.

I quickly scampered in front of her, stopping in front of the cart.

“Susan, please!” I hissed. “If we get caught, they’ll put us in jail; or worse!”

She smiled at me.

“I thought you liked my breasts,” she said.

“I do, I just don’t wanna go to jail.”

She shrugged minutely and shifted her shirt. I could still plainly see the curve of her left breast, but I could no longer see her areola. I figured that might be good enough to keep us out of jail.

On the next aisle, she continued. I was putting a loaf of bread in the cart when I felt her hand on the front of my shorts, caressing my dick. I hardened before I could jump back in surprise.

Once again, I frantically looked around the store to see if anyone could see us. The only sound was the awful grocery-store music in the background and not a person was in sight.

Susan giggled at my obvious discomfort, and we continued shopping.

The rest of our time in the grocery store was like this. By the third aisle, I’d decided that there was very little chance of our getting caught, and I started to enjoy the thrill of doing something naughty in a public place.

On the aisles where we were walking toward the back of the store, Susan would spread her shirt wide, exposing her nipples. Sometimes, she would bend over to fetch things off a low shelf, and when she bent over, she’d throw her thin skirt up, exposing her ass and her deliciously bare pussy lips to me.

Whenever the opportunity arose, she would take my hand and run my fingers over her slit. I could feel the heat and moisture of her arousal.

Also at every opportunity, she would fondle my erection. I looked down and realized that without my underwear, the outline of my dick was clearly visible through my shorts. I shrugged it off. She was enjoying herself tremendously, and I found myself reluctantly enjoying the illicit thrill along with her.

Toward the last couple of aisles, where we were furthest away from the cashier in the front and the manager’s office in the rear, she did something that truly stunned me.

In the cleaning supplies aisle, where there was a large cardboard display of Mr. Clean, she dropped to her knees. She quickly slid the leg of my shorts over my stiff erection and wrapped her lips around me. The silky smooth warmth of her mouth was almost enough to make me pass out.

She took me as deep as she could, quickly stroking my erection with her mouth. With her left hand, she fondled my balls as she made quiet sucking sounds around my dick. I thought she was going to make me come, and was hoping against hope that no one would walk around the corner and see us.

Just as I was wondering if she intended to make me come right then, she stopped, removing her luscious mouth from my dick. She stood up and stepped close to me. With her right hand, she gripped my aching penis and stroked it.

“If you walk all the way to the last aisle with your dick out, I’ll give you a big surprise,” she purred.

I was terrified of being caught, but so far gone with arousal that I couldn’t resist, and mutely nodded.

Those last two aisles were the longest five minutes of my life. Susan watched with lustful amusement as I furtively snuck around the front end of the next aisle. We shopped all down the second-to-last aisle and it seemed to take an eternity. I still had things on my list that I needed to get, and my concentration was slipping as my arousal increased.

I almost went crazy trying to watch out for any employees or customers, read my list, and fill the basket. In addition, I had to deal with Susan periodically stroking my erection where it stuck out from the leg of my shorts.

As we turned the corner on the last aisle, paper products, I breathed a sigh of relief. Just as we turned the corner, Susan pulled the cart from my grasp. Without a word, she bent over in front of me and pulled her skirt up around her hips. Her delicious round ass, in all its alabaster splendor, was directly in front of me.

With her right hand, she reached between her legs and grasped my cock. With one fluid motion, she aimed my cock at her dripping pussy and thrust herself backward.

Her pussy was like fire, gripping my cock in a furnace of lust. I grasped her hips and began slowly thrusting.

But after eight or ten thrusts, she pulled away and stood. She could clearly see the disappointment on my face.

She smiled at me and dropped to her knees in front of me, quickly cleaning her juices from my cock, and pulling my shorts down to cover my erection. While I was certainly covered, however, anyone who looked would quickly realize that I was very, very hard.

With a wink, she spun on her heels and began pushing the cart toward the front of the store. As we rounded the end of the aisle, we could see that there was only one cashier on duty.

The lone cashier was a bored-looking girl, older than me by several years. As we drew closer, I could see she was reading a book, so I studied her without fear of being caught staring.

She was boyishly slim, with short, curly brown hair and smallish breasts. Her nametag read “Stacy.” When we turned our basket into her checkout line, she put a bookmark in her book and looked up at us for the first time.

I could see her eyes open wide in shock as Susan and I approached her. I thought to myself what a pair we must’ve made. I was, probably unsuccessfully, trying to hide my erection. But Susan seemed to preen at the girl’s unabashed scrutiny.

As I started putting our groceries on the counter and the girl started ringing them up, I could see her covertly sneaking glances at Susan’s nearly exposed breasts. Susan turned to her left to watch me as I emptied our cart. As Susan faced me, she idly toyed with the left side of her shirt, pulling it out and away from her breast as she ran her fingers slowly up and down the button holes of the shirt.

The checkout girl had a clear and unobstructed view of Susan’s left breast. Whenever she would lift an item to find its price, she would gaze past it to catch a glimpse of Susan’s perfectly tanned, full, round breast.

“You forgot the Cokes you were supposed to get,” Susan suddenly chided me.

“Um… yeah, I guess I did.”

“You need to pay more attention, Paul,” she teased.

“Well… I was kinda… occupied… at the time.”

“That’s okay, I’ll go get them.”

She headed back to the aisle with the soft drinks and the cashier looked at me.

“Is she your mom?”

I shook my head, “A friend.”

The cashier arched her eyebrow in disbelief.

“A friend of my parents’,” I quickly amended.

“Oh,” she said, drawing out the sound.

As she pursed her lips, I immediately imagined them wrapped around my dick. As my expression changed, she looked at me, wondering why it had. I banished that line of thinking from my head and nervously smiled at her.

“How old are you?” she asked.

“Seventeen,” I lied without batting an eye. “How old are you?”

“Twenty,” she said diffidently.


“Does your… friend… always dress like that?” she asked tentatively, nodding in the direction Susan had walked.

“Susan? No,” I chuckled, unable to contain myself. “Normally she doesn’t dress like that,” I chuckled again, telling the absolute truth and thinking to myself about the joke I’d made by doing it.

As if on cue, Susan returned carrying two six-packs of Coke.

Stacy finished ringing up the groceries from Mom’s list and I extracted cash from my envelope to pay. She then went around to the end of the checkout stand to start bagging while I started loading the counter with Susan’s groceries.

As the girl reached the end of the stand, she had to kneel to pull out more brown grocery bags. When she did, her head was on a level with Susan’s waist. Not missing the opportunity when it presented itself, Susan took her sunglasses off her head. She then casually lifted the front hem of her skirt and began cleaning the sunglasses lenses. I could tell that Stacy had seen up Susan’s skirt by the sound of a stack of bags slapping onto the tile of the floor.

I could barely see over the end of the checkout stand, but I had a fairly good idea what was going on. Stacy lingered, kneeling at the end of the stand, fumbling with the stack of bags without looking at them. What she was looking at was obvious. I knew what power seeing Susan’s shaved pussy had over me the first time I’d glimpsed it.

And I knew from recent experience that her lips were puffy and spreading slightly with arousal, and probably glistening with moisture as well. In a minute, however, Susan had the cleanest (I probably should say the doubly-cleanest) sunglasses she’d ever had. She finally let her skirt drop back down into place.

When Stacy stood, with the bags finally in hand, I could see she was flushed and a little bit flustered. I smiled inwardly, knowing exactly how she felt.

She quickly bagged my groceries and then came back to her cash register to ring up Susan’s purchases. As she did so, Susan took out her checkbook and laid it on the edge of the checkout counter. She fluffed her shirt in an effort to generate a breeze over her chest.

“Feels good to create a little breeze,” Susan said innocently.

“Mmm hmm,” the younger woman replied, darting glances as Susan’s breasts were exposed in flashes.

She got an eyeful!

When she finished ringing up the groceries, Susan bent over to write out her check. As she did so, her shirt fell away from her chest, giving a clear view of her breasts. Stacy’s eyes were glued to Susan’s nipples where they were displayed in front of her.

When Susan finished writing, she tore out the check and straightened. As she held the check out, Stacy’s eyes were riveted to Susan’s chest. Stacy unconsciously licked her lips and automatically reached out to take the check. Susan let the younger woman’s gaze linger.

“It’s so hot out today, isn’t it?” Susan said innocently.

Stacy wrenched her eyes away from Susan’s chest with a visible effort and merely nodded.

I marveled at Susan’s apparent shamelessness.

With the check deposited in the drawer of the register, the girl rounded the end of the stand to bag Susan’s groceries. I guess she was hoping for a repeat performance when she knelt at the end of the stand to retrieve a stack of smaller brown bags.

Susan did not disappoint.

Seemingly casually, she turned to me, “accidentally” knocking her checkbook off the counter and onto the floor. She bent over at the waist, and her skirt rode up, neatly exposing her ass and shaved pussy to the young woman kneeling at the end of the stand.

Not content to simply retrieve her dropped checkbook, Susan tightened the straps on not one, but both her sandals.

Once again, the poor checkout girl fumbled with the bags, obviously distracted. When Susan finally finished with her sandals, she stood up. Stacy stood as well, even more distracted than before.

She fumbled with the larger bags and quickly bagged Susan’s groceries. She never once used one of the smaller bags she’d gone to such lengths to retrieve!

When our groceries were all finally bagged, Susan smiled sweetly and waved to Stacy as she pushed the shopping cart out the front of the store.

I merely shrugged at the obviously flustered cashier and followed Susan out the door.

✧ ✧ ✧

We quickly loaded the groceries into the back of Susan’s station wagon and headed out of the Winn-Dixie parking lot.

“Wow!” Susan exclaimed with an explosive breath. “That was very, very naughty.”

I didn’t know what to say. I simply nodded.

“That made me so horny,” she continued. “My pussy is gushing!”

My penis seemed to get harder still.

As we turned onto the state highway that would take us the forty minutes back to the camp, Susan looked at me slyly.

“Would you take off your shorts?”


“Why do you think?” she asked.

“I dunno,” I said, playing dumb.

“I want to see your dick.”

Those were the magic words all right! I spared a brief moment for what might happen if the police stopped us, but I was too far gone with arousal to dwell on the idea.

I shucked off my shorts and left them on the floorboard. The wind of our passage cooled my hard-on and Susan reached over with one hand to slowly stroke my length.

She removed her hand from my erection and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her untie the knot holding her shirt “closed.” She let the shirt tails flap to her sides, baring her breasts completely. She was short enough that I didn’t think anyone could see them over the window sill. Besides, we were traveling at more than forty miles per hour; no one would have time to figure out what they might’ve seen.

The next forty minutes were some of the longest in my young life. As we drove, Susan would periodically reach over and fondle my erection. But she would never stroke long enough to make me come.

The entire drive back, the tip of my dick was leaking pre-come that she would gently wipe off with her fingers. She would then lick her finger clean, or rub the clear liquid onto her stiff nipples, making small circular motions with her fingers and grinning wickedly at me.

By the time we reached the turn-off for the camp, I was ready to explode. I was hoping that she would turn down the path that led to the waterfall and pool. But I was disappointed when she blithely drove past it.

When we reached the pillars of the gate, I was squirming in my seat with the need to get off.

Susan stopped the car at the gate and looked expectantly at me.

I snapped. That’s the only way I can explain it.

“Turn off the engine,” I said in the same voice of command that my father sometimes used—a voice that clearly brooked no objection. “Get out of the car.”

Susan looked at me in shock and hastily turned the key and opened her door. I quickly got out of the car and looked at her over the roof. I peremptorily pointed toward the back of the car and started that direction myself.

Once there, Susan was looking at me with a mixture of fear and confusion. I reached out and opened the station wagon’s tailgate, laying it down against its stops.

I brusquely reached out and spun her around to face away from me. With both hands, I reached up to the collar of the shirt she wore and roughly pulled it over her shoulders and down her arms. Once it came free of her arms, I negligently tossed it into the back of the car.

I put my hand on her shoulder and spun her around again. Her eyes were wide as she simply stared at me. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I turned her slightly and pushed her back against the tailgate. She sat down with a plop and I shoved her shoulders down.

With one fluid motion I put my hands on her calves and lifted, rolling her completely onto her back. I put my hands on the elastic waist of the skirt and quickly stripped the thin fabric over her ass and off her legs.

Before she could drop her legs from where I held them in the air in front of me, I quickly pulled off my own shirt, tossing it on the pile of her clothes.

I put one hand on each ankle and roughly pulled her legs apart. When she looked up at me, her eyes were as large as saucers, and her lustful expression was tinged with fear.

I looked down between her spread legs to her spread and slick pussy lips. They were already distended with her arousal. I ran my hands down her legs to her upper thighs and stepped forward as I pulled her to the edge of the tailgate.

Her calves rested on my shoulders as I aimed my ramrod-straight erection at her and roughly thrust forward. My dick met no resistance as I slid it into her steaming pussy, and she rolled her eyes back and groaned.

I was mad at being teased all afternoon and the entire drive back, and I pounded her with all my pent-up frustration. Each time I slammed into her, she would involuntarily moan.

As I forcefully pumped my dick into her, I watched in fascination as her breasts bounced up and down with the power of each stroke.

“Play with your tits,” I commanded.

She rolled her head to the side and moaned in ecstasy, completely oblivious to me. I stopped my thrusting with just the tip of my dick still in her and looked down as she moaned in distress.

“I said play with your tits!”

She quickly complied, bringing her hands up and rolling and pinching her nipples between her fingers. She moaned even louder.

“Mmmmmm, nice,” I said as I resumed fucking her.

I bent forward, and with her calves on my shoulders, she began to bend in half. As her legs bent back, her ass rose to meet my thrusts, and I was soon pumping down into her steaming pussy.

I felt her muscles begin to contract around my dick and each thrust became more effort to drive home. I battered her clenching pussy with my manhood, rapidly thrusting myself into her. With a rush, she came.

Her low moans turned into a scream of pleasure as I thrust past the clenching walls of her pussy, driving myself deeper into her.

Finally, with an explosive groan of my own, I emptied my semen into her. As she felt my dick begin to spurt inside her, Susan’s orgasm intensified. I could feel her pussy clutch me almost painfully tight as my pumping cock spewed white-hot semen into the depths of her pussy.

As my powerful spurts slowly subsided, Susan went limp. Her hands left her nipples and fell to her sides and she shuddered powerfully, breathing heavily.

I was breathing heavily with the force of my own orgasm as I stared down at the sheen of sweat that covered her body.

My dick, however, had ideas of its own. I was still rock hard inside her still-contracting pussy. After a moment or two to catch my breath, I straightened slightly and unbent her body beneath me.

I ran my hands up over her thighs and grasped the back of her knees. With a gentle pressure, I bent her legs at the knees and pushed them back toward her chest. I put my hands on the tops of her shins to hold her legs in place and slowly began pumping my still-erect penis into her pussy.

Susan moaned as I resumed fucking her. I kept my tempo deliberately slow and she moaned as each thrust of my cock sank home. She was rolling her head from side to side and shuddering in pleasure. Otherwise, she was limp and pliable in my hands.

I pushed her legs back and spread them further, leaving her wide open to my thrusts.

I fucked her this way for several minutes, slowly and deliberately, enjoying the expressions of pleasure that played across her face. Her breasts were slowly bouncing with the rhythm of our fucking. I smiled as I looked up and realized that the entire car was slowly rocking with our rhythm too.

As I fucked her, I felt my orgasm building slowly. Her pussy was clenching and unclenching wildly around my shaft, and I could tell she was enjoying what I was doing.

When I did finally begin to come, I thrust myself deep inside her already drenched pussy and unleashed a second torrent of sperm. My second orgasm wasn’t as intense as the first, but waves of pleasure began to wash over both of us as I filled her brimming pussy with still more of my seed.

When my spurting finally subsided, I released her legs and nearly collapsed on top of her. I supported myself over her with my arms, panting with exertion. She was panting too as she let her legs drop, still spread wide to accommodate my hips.

As our breathing slowly returned to normal, she opened her eyes to look up at me. She brought her hands up to gently stroke my cheeks and drew a deep breath.

“Wow,” she said, exhaling.

“Mmmmmm,” I said, taking a deep breath of my own.

I looked down into her clear blue eyes and we enjoyed the companionable silence of each other’s company as my penis slowly deflated within the confines of her vagina.

Slowly and carefully, I stood up, making sure I didn’t crush her beneath my weight. As my semi-hard dick withdrew from her pussy, she moaned and shuddered again.

I looked down at her swollen lips and saw a gush of white semen spill from her pussy. Her pussy looked like a red, blooming flower full of white nectar. I was amazed that I had pumped that much sperm into her. She smiled up at me, seeing the expression on my face.

“Mmm hmm. It was a lot,” she said, slowly sitting up on her elbows and correctly interpreting my expression.

As she looked down over her flattened breasts at her leaking pussy, she suddenly laughed.

“Wow,” she said again once her laughter had subsided. “I must look like I’ve been fucked,” she said, looking at her red and puffy labia, “by a football team.”

I shook my head adamantly. “You look beautiful,” I said, and meant it. She was flushed, sweaty, and very disheveled, and her abused pussy was leaking a stream of our combined fluids. But I had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Her eyes softened as she saw my expression, and we both simply looked into each other’s eyes.

She broke the spell, smiling.

“Could you get me the towel from the back seat, please?”

I nodded and headed around to fetch the towel. When I returned and handed it to her, she first held it against her face and chest, wiping the sweat generated by our coupling. Then she held it out to me to do the same. When I had, I handed it back to her. She thrust the towel between her legs and began cleaning herself up.

When she finished, she sat up and motioned me over. I stepped close to her and she bent her head down to suck my flaccid, and still wet, penis into her mouth. She licked my deflated penis clean, making sure not to miss anything. Finally, she dabbed my dick and balls with the soft towel, drying me off completely.

✧ ✧ ✧

We slowly put our clothes back on, and I opened the gate for her to drive through. When I had it locked behind us again, I jumped into the passenger seat of the car and we headed back to camp.

We stopped off at the clubhouse to unload my family’s groceries. When we entered the cool confines of the building, it took our eyes a moment to adjust. We were carrying bags over to the counter above our baskets when Mom joined us. Evidently, she had been reading a magazine on one of the couches when we came in.

Mom helped us unload the groceries. I was making the last trip out to the station wagon when I looked down in horror. Along the edge of the tailgate, there was a large trail of fresh come, one that we hadn’t wiped up from earlier. I panicked as I wondered whether Mom had seen it or not, and if she had, would she know what it was.

A million thoughts, none of them good, rushed through my mind as I quickly wiped the white goo from the tailgate and wiped my hand on my shorts. I picked up the last two bags and headed back into the clubhouse.

Once inside, I carried the bags over to the counter where Mom and Susan were putting things away. I handed the envelope with the change over to Mom and started taking things to put in the refrigerator. We quickly had all the groceries put away, and Mom turned to Susan.

“Thank you again for taking Paul to the store today,” Mom said. “And thank you for doing the shopping, Paul,” she said, turning to me. “You did well.”

I beamed at the praise.

“He was a lot of fun to shop with, Beth. You’d’ve been proud of him,” Susan said.

“Thank you. When he’s paying attention, he’s a very polite young man,” my mother teased me with her compliment. “Do you need Paul to help with your groceries?”

“If he doesn’t mind,” Susan said and both women turned to me.

“Sure. No problem,” I answered. “But afterward, I really, really wanna cool off in the lake.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea,” Susan said.

“Well then, I think I’ll join you two,” Mom chimed in. “I’ll get our towels, Paul, and meet you two at the lake in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” Susan and I said together and grinned at each other, startled.

We walked back out to the station wagon and drove to Susan’s house. As we let the tailgate down, I turned to Susan.

“We forgot to wipe off the tailgate,” I said. “I came out and there was a big drip of my semen on the edge.”

Susan looked at me and her eyes got wide. Suddenly, she burst out laughing.

This wasn’t funny! What if my mom saw it?! I stared at her with a strangled expression.

“I wouldn’t worry about it, Paul. Your mom probably didn’t even see it. And besides,” she said reasonably, “if she did, she probably wouldn’t realize what it was.”

I wasn’t convinced.

“Well, now you know not to fill me so full that I leak!” she said and burst out laughing anew.

Her laughter, and the absurdity of it all, was infectious, and I was soon laughing too as we carried her groceries inside.

✧ ✧ ✧

We took off our clothes, Susan donned her usual bikini bottoms, and we both headed off down the hill toward the lake.

When we got there, Mom was just slipping off her flip-flops and setting our towels on our lounge chairs. I dumped my rolled-up clothes on top of the towels and set my sock-stuffed shoes underneath the chair. Susan laid her towel on the adjacent chair and we started toward the water.

Mom walked tentatively down the concrete steps into the cold, cold water. I could see her shiver, but as she got used to it, she continued. Susan and I followed her in, and soon enough, we were up to our necks in the cold water.

The stairs into the water were in the deepest part of the lake, shaded by a large tree that had been left when the lake was constructed. We didn’t go much further out than the base of the stairs, but even then, we were standing in neck-deep water. The water here was as clear as the rest of the lake, but in the shadows of the big tree, it was almost black.

Mom and Susan began chatting about who all was supposed to come in this weekend (most families arrived on the weekends). But I quickly stopped listening as I felt a hand on my cold and shriveled penis.

With a shock, I looked at Susan as the hand began to knead and pull on my growing dick. How could she fondle me when my mom was less than two feet away?!

I tried to back away, but the hand tightened around my expanding member, holding me fast. Unless I wanted to forcibly remove it, I wasn’t going anywhere. As I reached full erection, I stared daggers at Susan. Mom turned to sweep her gaze over the lake as she was making some point, and Susan looked at me.

Her questioning look seemed perfectly innocent. I tried to will her to remove her hand from my penis, but she simply looked at me blankly and then quickly looked back to Mom as she turned back to face us.

Susan smiled blandly, and I could do nothing but stand there helpless. Unless I wanted to make a big scene about things, I couldn’t very well get away!

Her hand gripped my shaft and began to stroke it, warming my cold flesh with each caress. I stood there, helpless, held captive by her hand on my erection, for several minutes as Mom and Susan talked.

The whole time, I was trying to silently will Susan to release me. She acted completely oblivious, and continued talking to Mom. Each time I’d try to pull away, however, I’d feel my hard-on gripped firmly, holding me in place. I didn’t think I was in danger of coming, especially not after my rapid-fire orgasms earlier, but I still didn’t like the idea of having my dick fondled not two feet from my mom.

Finally, I felt the hand shift its grip and sensed my moment had arrived. I quickly backed away from the two women and ducked under the water. With a powerful shove against the bottom step, I propelled myself between them underwater.

I turned around as I surfaced.

“I’m gonna go swim for a while,” I shouted back to them.

“Okay, honey,” Mom said, waving. “Have fun.”

✧ ✧ ✧

I swam around until my penis softened, just generally goofing off, but making sure to keep my dick below the surface.

When I had finally gotten soft enough to get out of the lake, I swam back toward the stairs. Mom and Susan had climbed out of the lake and were sitting on the sun-warmed brick coping, dangling their legs in the water and talking.

As I climbed the stairs out of the water, Mom and Susan stood too. We all converged on the loungers with our towels at the same time. As we dried off, I sent scolding glances at Susan whenever Mom wasn’t looking. She looked puzzled and shook her head, mouthing “What?”

I shook my head in turn, scowling.

Mom turned back to us and my expression cleared and was replaced by my best I’m Not Up To Something look.

“Well, I’m going to go start dinner,” Mom said. “You’re welcome to join us, Susan. It’d be my way of saying thanks for driving Paul to the grocery store.”

“Thanks, Beth. I appreciate it. Although driving Paul to the store was my pleasure.”

I almost choked. Mom didn’t know the half of it!

“I’d love to join you for dinner,” Susan continued.

“Great!” Mom said. “Then I’ll see you two in about thirty minutes.”

With that, she wrapped her towel around her waist and headed up the hill.

As soon as she was out of earshot, Susan turned to me and spoke in a low voice.

“What’s the matter?”

“You know what,” I said accusingly.

“No, Paul, tell me,” she said with more patience than I probably deserved.

“You know.”

“No, Paul, I don’t. Not if you don’t tell me.”

“You grabbed me,” I accused.

“Grabbed you?”

I nodded.

“What do you mean?” she asked, uncomprehending.

“When we were standing out at the end of the stairs talking? With Mom not more than two feet away?” I accused, trying to elicit an admission.

She gestured at me to continue, still uncomprehending.

“And you grabbed my dick and stroked my hard-on for ten minutes,” I said.

A look of shock came over her face, and then she burst out laughing.

“It wasn’t me, Paul,” she said through her laughter, shaking her head.

“What do you mean it wasn’t you?!”

“I mean that I didn’t grab you, Paul,” she said calmly, her eyes still laughing at me.

“Then if it wasn’t you, who was it?” I asked, as if that somehow ended the argument.

She merely raised her eyebrows in silent question and laughed again.

Okay, sometimes I’m slow on the uptake!

At my look of utter and complete horror, her laughter redoubled.

✧ ✧ ✧

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