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Written by Nick Scipio

Creator of the Summer Camp Swingers Universe, an evil tease, and probably worse.
July 16, 2022

So… you know the wife’s maiden name starts with a C, right?

(If you’re a long-time fan, you know that already. I mentioned it 12 or 13 years ago in the old Scipio’s Forum on Yahoo Groups. Raise your hand if you’ve been around that long.)

Don’t worry if you missed the old Forum. Keep reading.

So, yeah. The wife’s maiden name starts with a C.

When I first mentioned it, people immediately jumped on the Gina is the Wife (GITW) bandwagon.

Then someone pointed out that Christy’s last name begins with a C too, and Christy is the Wife (CITW) was born.

Later, a real funny guy—who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are CompaniaHill—pointed out that Daphne has a C last name as well. You can guess what happened. Daphne is the Wife (DITW) was born… facetiously, but it refuses to die.

Anyway… do you know Terri’s last name? Cortez. Another C last name. I’ll spare CompaniaHill the trouble and start the Terri is the Wife (TITW) tag myself.

Why do I mention all this? Oh, no reason. None at all. 🤐

– Nick