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Founders and Staff?

Founders and Staff?

Written by Nick Scipio

Creator of the Summer Camp Swingers Universe, an evil tease, and probably worse.
July 15, 2022

Several people have asked about what happens if a Camp Founder is ready to reduce their pledge to a normal level but the Staff Member level is sold out.

Short answer: I’ll add a staff slot to accommodate the returning founder.

Longer answer: If you pledge as a founder for a month, your name goes in the honor roll and you gain the permanent right to return as staff. So even if you return as a VIP but want to upgrade later, I’ll make room for you. That’s what permanent means.

I still want limit staff to about 100 people, but that’s really an arbitrary number. I mean, there’s no practical difference between 87 and 102 staff, especially since we aren’t talking about a finite resource here. Staff slots aren’t like seats in a classroom. You know?

Anyway, that’s the current plan.

– Nick