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You’ll have to read to find out…
How many chapters in Book 4?

How many chapters in Book 4?

Written by Nick Scipio

Creator of the Summer Camp Swingers Universe, an evil tease, and probably worse.
July 15, 2022

Ah, the thing you all want to know. Well, after the Big Two questions.

How many chapters will I write in Book 4?

The answer is… [drum roll please]

I’m not entirely sure. I’m currently writing Ch35, and I have events broadly outlined to Ch40, but Patreon has shifted my thinking a bit. I’m no longer in a rush to finish Book 4 as quickly as possible.

Why? Well, that’s a longer story.

The tl;dr is that I don’t have to wrap up Book 4 in order to start earning money for all my time and effort. I can finish the book the way it should be, with the occasional distraction along the way.

Right now I think it’ll be at least 45 chapters, although I can’t really be sure until I get further along. I have milestones and events that the story will eventually cover, but how we get there isn’t always clear. (That’s how I write, at least.)

I guess you’ll just have to read along and find out.