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Nude Sites



Adult Sites

Ars Erotica: The Erotic Art Museum (Erotic Art) – From the site: The best collection of erotic art on the internet, hand-picked by a professional artist for its aesthetic and expressive quality.

Nobilis Erotica (Podcast) – A weekly podcast of erotic short stories, excerpts, and serials, often (but not always) with a science-fiction twist. You can listen on the web page, or download to your computer for listening there, or on your mp3 player.

Good Vibrations (Sex Toys) – Good Vibes is a cool place to buy anything sex-related. They aren’t sleazy (like too many other sex shops), and they have great product reviews.

Toys in Babeland (Sex Toys) – I love this site. Whether I’m buying or not, it’s always fun to look. Not only do they have all the toys (and more), they have articles and good information on sexuality.

Eden Fantasys (Sex Toys) – From the site: Browse the large directory and choose some hot adult sex toys that young people worldwide are using to satisfy themselves. Increase your intimate life with a few erotic toys from this online sex toys shop.



Favorite Authors

Al Steiner – Al Steiner is another long-story writer, and he’s good. Very good. When I first started posting Summer Camp, I began reading the best authors at StoriesOnline, and Al was at the top of the list. Two of his stories, “Aftermath” and “Doing It All Over”, are my favorites, but with Al’s talent, all of his stories are good.

Alexis Siefert – I wish I could write like she does. I know I’m a good writer, one of many good writers in the genre (and there are many who are much better than me). But every time I read one of Alexis’s stories, I say to myself, “I wish I could write like she does.” I wish I could come up with some of her story ideas, much less write them like she does. Her writing is truly sublime, and like me, she’s a grammar geek. For classic Alexis Siefert, you’ve got to read “Monsters”. Another favorite is her palindrome flash story, “Forward and Backward in White with Buckles”.

Big Ed Magusson – Big Ed sends me a lot of feedback about my stories. He’s also a regular in my Forum. He’s one of those people who’s both calm and rational (a rarity sometimes, trust me). After I got to know him better, I started reading his stories. Start with “The Ugly One,” and you’ll be hooked. I know I was.

Desdmona – I first met Des when she e-mailed me comments on one of my Jazz Club stories. Then, I promptly got her confused her with Dryad <sigh>. Once I figured out my mistake and apologized, we quickly became good friends. I like Des, a lot, and we’ve got an easy, enjoyable relationship. If you want to read Des’s stories, I recommend beginning with the winner of the Silver Clit Award (February 2003), “Chocolate Covered Cherries”.

Dryad – Another writer I met when she e-mailed me comments on one of my Jazz Club stories. Fortunately, I didn’t get her confused with Desdmona. Dryad and I have a lot in common, which explains why we get along so well. She’s also a good editor, and I’ve been able to return the favor. For fun reading from Dryad, check out “Escape”, “Snow Day”, or the wistfully good “The Price of Seduction” (among many others).

Friar Dave – I think I first started reading Friar Dave when he began reposting his stories on StoriesOnline. His stories are full of real-world characters, as well as a range of emotions and situations. The good Friar is an incredibly talented author, and I think you’ll enjoy his stories.

Number 6 – I first read Number 6’s work when one of Number 6’s stories won the Silver Clit Award (October 2002). I was really intrigued when I read it, so I started reading more of Number 6’s stories. One of them, “Waitress”, inspired me to write “Insecurities”. Number 6’s writing style is very different than my own, something we’ve commented on to each other. If you want a couple of quick stories that will really tickle your imagination, check out Number 6.

Reverend Cotton Mather – The right Reverend is a fan of mine. I guess it’s only fitting that I’m a fan of his, too. His “Playing the Game” stories feature a teenaged hero, growing up and learning some things the hard way. In addition, his Sean Porter and my own Paul Hughes are about the same age, and could possibly meet in a Mather Meets Scipio cross-over story. Maybe if you ask us both nicely... ;-)

Selena Jardine – Selena is another friend of mine. She’s a super-sharp writer, with a style different from my own. She’s witty, intelligent, and acerbically funny. She’s also one of the few people I can flat-out argue politics with and still respect (we have vastly different views, but she doesn’t shrink from her positions, and she doesn’t say stupid things). In addition, she’s one of the best flashers I know, so be sure to read her flash fiction. You should also read “Curtains” and my personal favorite, “Make Me”.

Smilodon – I first read Smilodon when one of my own stories was nominated for a Silver Clit Award (November 2002) alongside his. His story was “Losing It”, and when I read it, I laughed so hard that I was afraid I would wake my wife (Smilodon has a very dry, very appealing wit). His “Schadenfreude” inspired me to write “Feeding the Fire”.

Strickland83 – I first met Strickland when he sent me feedback about one of my stories. Then he joined my Forum and began making astute comments. Soon enough, I asked him to be one of my proofreaders. One day, something inside him finally burst free, and he started writing. His “Havana Club” and “After Fidel” are excellent, and he’s been nominated for a 2004 Golden Clit, as New Author of the Year.

Wiseguy – One of my fans introduced me to Wiseguy’s writing (thanks, Rob). The fact that he’s also one of Dryad’s favorite authors made me rush out to read “Busman’s Holiday”. You should, too.



Favorite Stories

The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane” by Santos J. Romeo, at StoriesOnline

Aftermath” by Al Steiner, at StoriesOnline

Amy’s Smile” by jfinn, at StoriesOnline

Blackmailing the Queen” by Stuart Finkelstein

The Book” by Blackie

Busman’s Holiday” by Wiseguy

Call Girl Cheerleaders” by Richard Bissell, at Lewd Library

Chocolate Covered Cherries” by Desdmona

Doing It All Over” by Al Steiner, at StoriesOnline

Forward and Backward in White with Buckles” by Alexis Siefert

Make Me” by Selena Jardine

Monsters” by Alexis Siefert

Orange County Babylon” by Michael Dalton, at Ruthie’s Club (Subscription Required)

The Price of Seduction” by Dryad

“Solstice Castle” (Parts 1-7, Parts 8-14) by Trane

Summer Camp” by Michael Dalton, at Ruthie’s Club (Subscription Required)

The Ugly One” by Be287m

Walking the Dog” by Smilodon

Vector” by Michael Dalton, at Ruthie’s Club (Subscription Required)



Story Sites

ASSTR – The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. This site not only archives the a.s.s.m newsgroup, but it also provides hosting for thousands of authors (I started there, lo these many years ago, and I still maintain a mirror site there). It has an excellent search function, so you can find a story to suit any desire. The site is also a mirror for the Nifty Archive (gay) and the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive (mind control, hypnotism, etc.).

Erotica Readers & Writers Association – A fantastic site for erotica fans, since it’s got something for everyone. If you’re a serious author, I highly recommend the site; it’s got info on publishers, agents, writing tools, and more.

LiteroticaThe largest free erotica site (that I know about, at least). Literotica’s daily traffic dwarfs ASSTR’s. The site has a tremendous number of stories, organized into a myriad of categories. One disappointing note: Literotica doesn’t allow underage erotica, so you’ll never find Summer Camp there. You will find lots of other good stories, though.

StoMP – The Stories on MP3 project was started by one of my readers, Ace McCloud. The primary purpose of the project is to create audio versions of popular stories for the benefit of reading challenged people (blind, dyslexic etc), although I expect that many other people will enjoy the audio versions.

StoriesOnline – StoriesOnline is one of my favorite sites. I started posting there the day after I posted to a.s.s.m. It’s got stories of every possible genre, with very nice search and ratings features. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.



Other Fun Sites

Fareed Zakaria (Political Commentary) – Fareed Zakaria is a magazine editor, columnist, political commentator, and more. His views are unbiased, insightful, and refreshing. I wish more people paid attention to him, both in Washington, D.C., and the U.S. in general.

David Warren (Political Commentary) – A Canadian journalist with a hefty dose of common sense? Isn’t that an oxymoron? David Warren writes for the Ottawa Citizen, and I can only assume that someone up there screwed up when they gave him a job. I’m glad they did. (Humor/Quotes) – Bash is the Quote Database Home, and it’s hilariously funny. Users post snippets from their online chats, and reading them is a good way to lose an entire afternoon. Just be sure to shut your office door (or people will ask why you’re laughing so hard). (Urban Legends) – Want to lose an entire afternoon? Read Snopes. Got something in your e-mail that sounds too good/funny/wrong/dumb/etc. to be true? Read Snopes. The one-stop shop for all things Urban Legend.

The Onion (News Parodies) – Another good way to lose an entire afternoon. Completely irreverent and scathingly funny, the Onion is one of the sites I visit when I decide that I’m taking life too seriously.

Wikipedia (Reference) – The free content encyclopedia with hundreds (thousands?) of contributing editors and writers. If you want to know something, anything, Wikipedia probably has an article about it.

W3 Schools (Web Reference) – My first choice for a tutorial and reference site, with everything from plain vanilla HTML to XML/XSL, Javascript, PHP, and more. If you want to know about a web scripting/coding language, W3 Schools should be your first stop.

Lunarpages (Web Hosting) – I use Lunarpages to host, as well as several other sites. They’re a great hosting provider, with extraordinarily good customer service (I get answers to my questions within hours, and even sooner if I call them on the phone). I highly recommend them. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.



Writing Resources

The Chicago Manual of Style, by University of Chicago Press Staff – This is my style guide. It has all the rules for almost everything you need to know about how to format and punctuate your stories.

The Gregg Reference Manual, by William A. Sabin – The definitive guide for grammar and usage. It’s the perfect companion to the CMS (above), and a must-have for any serious writer.

The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White – This little book is as close as it gets to a true “writer’s handbook.” It’s clear, concise, and timeless. Every writer should own a copy.

On Writing, by Stephen King – The first part of this book is an autobiography (which is interesting). But the second part is a must-read for any writer; it’s full of good, plain writing advice from a master of popular fiction. I don’t read Stephen King’s books (my imagination is far too vivid already, and I enjoy actually sleeping at night, thank you very much), but I recognize and admire his skill and achievements.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary – With modern spell-checkers and online dictionaries, there’s no excuse for misspelling words. This is my favorite online dictionary. Use it.

So You Say You Want To Write Literary Erotica?” by Hanne Blank – One of the best “how to write erotica” articles I’ve ever found. I read this before I started posting Summer Camp, and it offers some very insightful advice. I highly recommend it, for aspiring authors and seasoned writers alike.

How to Write Sex Stories Good,” by Michael K. Smith – Another excellent article about writing erotica. I also read this article before I started posting Summer Camp. Once again, great reading for new authors or anyone looking to improve their style.

Time and Date – Need to know what day of the week May 21, 1987 fell on? When was the full moon in August, 1970? Time and Date has those answers and more.

Sun- or Moon- Rise/Set Tables – From the U.S. Naval Observatory, everything you wanted to know about sunrise/set and moonrise/set times. The page generates a table based upon a specific year and a U.S. city or state. Very cool.

Better Ideal Weight Calculator – In addition to being chock-full of good information, this site has a nifty height/weight calculator. So if you’ve got a 24-year-old female character who’s 5′10″, don’t give her 38D breasts and make her weigh 110lb.

Cost-of-Living Calculator – What was $1 worth in 1953, compared to 2005? A great little calculator for anyone writing a historical story.

Behind the Name – My source for first names, complete with their origins and meanings. This site has an extensive index of names, with very easy searching.

AirNav – Need to know the headings of the runways at Dekalb-Peachtree airport? Who operates the FBO at Lancaster County airport? AirNav has everything you wanted to know about U.S. airports (and then some). – My source for all sorts of military information, from men and machines to bases around the world. If you’re writing a story with any military aspects, be sure to check out this site.

U.S. Military Insignia – Most everything you ever wanted to know about officers’ and enlisted men’s pay grades and insignia, for all five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Super 70s – Writing a story set in the ’70s? Be sure to check out this site, with info on culture, movies, music, news, sports, and more.

Awesome 80s – Super 70s’ sister site, with info on the ’80s.