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New model for Abby

New model for Abby

Abby Evans

Written by Nick Scipio

Creator of the Summer Camp Swingers Universe, an evil tease, and probably worse.
November 30, 2021

Time for a new model!

I had a decent number of galleries for the original Abby model, but she retired about 10 years ago, maybe longer. And, as near as I can tell, she only ever modeled for one photographer/site (Domai).

For whatever reason, MetArt (which owns Domai) doesn’t provide free galleries for the models there. I could make my own, but that’s a minor PITA, especially if I have to do it for 80+ models.

Anyway, the new model is Marika Zane. She looks a lot like the original (duh!), so I think you’ll like her.

See for yourself—Abby’s galleries.



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