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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

* Meet Nikky, from Errotica Archives.


Today is also the 1000th picture of the day. What a long, strange trip it’s been. You’ve suffered through politics, blasphemy, geeky computer jokes, bad puns, more bad puns, hairy guys, guys wearing thongs, the Mankini (which holds the record for the most e-mail groans), Gollum sex, boners, transvestites with boners, Goth freaks, geek freaks, Barbie freaks, tattooed grannies, scary women, Sasquatch, inflatable sheep, dead cats, dead whales, dead hookers, general weird shit, What the fuck? pics, too many rednecks to count, endless Japanese weirdness, me being a bastard, and my personal favorite, the Vader latex chick.

After all that, you deserve a bonus!

And finally, I deserve a vacation.
The POD will return on Monday, March 26.

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