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Somebody needs a thicker skin.

(Pssst, I’m talking you, Hillary fans.)

* Yesterday’s POD caused all sorts of uproar, which kinda surprised me. I simply thought it was a funny pic. Believe it or not, I was making a comment about her unexpected win in the New Hampshire primary. But I still got all sorts of angry e-mail from s-s-sniveling Hillary fans. Worse, several people in the Forum actually complained that I crossed some line of bad taste.

Puleaze! Spare me. You want me to whip out more Mankini or Tattooed Granny pics? Dead whales? Dead hooker storage? At least then you could accuse me of bad taste. But c’mon… Hillary?! If you don’t know my politics by now, you aren’t paying attention. Besides, I’m not forcing you to look at the POD.

So please, Hillary fans, spare me the whining bullshit, and get a thicker skin. If she actually manages to win the nomination, it’s going to get much worse before November. Trust me. So grow up or shut up. I really don’t care which. But complaining about my politics or filling my inbox with angry screeds is a surefire way to get me to keep picking on you.

To all the rational people out there, Democrat and Republican alike, I’m sorry to “waste” a POD (especially with a pic I’ve used before) on a small number of nitwits. But it’s my POD, Goddammit, and I’m going to post what I like. And if the thin-skinned Liberals can manage to keep their fucking mouths shut for a day or two, I’ll be more than happy to return to irreverent T&A. – Nick

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