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(So many captions, but only one picture…)

1) Hillary’s Chilling Touch

2) Happy Never-gonna-be-the-President Day

3) Finally! A picture of Hillary that I can stand to look at.

4) Hillary the Sith Lady meets Queen Amidala (and her nipples!)

5) The list goes on…

* And now, a message for the Hill-Billy crybabies: Do you ever wonder why I don’t pick on Obama? I have plenty of Obama pictures (although most of them are just plain offensive), but I don’t plan to use them. Why? Simple: I don’t despise Barack Obama. Honestly. I could live with him as the next President.

But I fucking loathe Hillary Clinton. Worse, I don’t trust her. She’s an amoral, unethical, pandering, power-hungry politician, who never met an issue she couldn’t triangulate. So give me Obama any day of the week. I may not like him, but at least I can trust him. Granted, I’d rather see Ron Paul in the Oval Office, but that’s probably not gonna happen. Besides, I can live with John McCain.

In any event, don’t bother sending me your lame rants about Hillary blah, blah, blah. I hated her in her “We are the President” days, and I hate her just as much today. Nothing you say will change my opinion of that bitch, so we’re at an impasse. At least be grown-up enough to realize it.

Back to the regular T&A tomorrow. Here endeth the screed.

– Nick (who loves his bully pulpit)

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