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Dude, move out of your parents’ basement.

* And now, a note about yesterday’s POD. I’m always surprised by which pictures trigger feedback, and yesterday’s was a huge surprise. So I thought I’d take a minute to answer most of the e-mail.

First, yes, I knew it was Morris Dancing (go back and look at the filename). And yes, I knew it was a traditional English dance. No, I didn’t know there were Morris sides (teams) in the US and abroad, but I’m not surprised (people do all sorts of crazy shit). And the question most of you asked, in one form or another: What does Morris Dancing have to do with WTF Friday? Umm…

…did you freakin’ look at those guys?!? They were dressed like poofs, with not one but two sashes… and wearing goofy hats (with flowers!)… and swinging ropes… and dancing like fags. Middle-aged men—bankers and solicitors, probably—dancing like overgrown dandy-boys in froofy outfits. Are you freakin’ kidding me? What does that have to do with WTF Friday?

Okay, I respect tradition as much as the next red-blooded American. And, as one reader pointed out, America isn’t as rich in tradition as England. But fer cryin’ out loud, those guys were goofy as hell. Maybe not as goofy as the guy wearing the banana hammock and red clogs, but pretty goofy. So please understand that I wasn’t picking on your tradition, but you gotta admit, that pic deserved Friday honors. Seriously.

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