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The POD that just won’t die…

* Seriously, I’m still getting e-mail about this one.

But this footnote is for the anonymous woman who called me a hateful bigot. Well, she either called me a hateful bigot, or “uninformed and unevolved,” all because I used the word “fag.”

Um… Lady, come down from your ivory tower and get a clue. Fag is just a word, like cracker, nigger, spic, kike, prick, bitch, or Liberal. Sticks and stones. Heck, one of my gay readers even wrote to laugh about yesterday’s footnote (thanks, Daniel). If anyone had a right to be offended, he certainly fit the bill better than you. But he understood that my footnote was humorous and lighthearted, and he certainly didn’t think the word fag “drips of spite and hate.”

Besides, look at the history of the POD, more than four years’ worth of pictures and captions: I’m a Southerner who isn’t a racist, a straight man who isn’t a homophobe (not even close), and a manly man who isn’t a misogynist (Hillary Clinton notwithstanding, of course). Heck, I don’t even pick on ugly people (except for that woman with the mustache<shudder>). All things considered, I’m a pretty hate-free guy (once again, Hillary Clinton notwithstanding).

So don’t get on your high horse and lecture me about a word, much less a word like fag. If the gay readers themselves can see past my words to my intent, then so should you. But you suggested I use “gay guys” instead of fag. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what a “gay guy” looks like. Does he look like Liberace? Neil Patrick Harris? Andy Warhol? Um… George Michael? Omar Little? Seriously, what do “gay guys” look like? I certainly can’t tell. Maybe they look just like the rest of us.

No, “gay guys” doesn’t really fit the Morris Dancers in the POD today (again!). Instead, those guys are dancing like fags. Fags. F-A-G-S. Fag, fag, fag, fag, fag. Say a word often enough and it loses the power to shock people. Besides, it’s just a word, with no more malice than your average handgun—they both sit there innocently until someone picks them up and abuses them.

Now, if you want to lecture me about my perceived shortcomings, don’t be a spineless nitwit. I have the courage of my convictions, and I post my thoughts for all the world to see… even to disagree with. I don’t hide behind anonymous e-mail and call people hateful bigots. Besides, I’m far more polite in private—I’m playing to an audience of one, and your opinion actually matters. But when I have to reply in public, I don’t really give a shit what you think anymore. So next time, maybe you should think twice before you take a cheap shot from the safety of anonymity.

– Nick

** Oh yeah, before I forget… to the other anonymous reader who made me wish I could reply. You said I got it wrong about yesterday’s POD, that the guy wasn’t a geek who needed to move out of his parents’ basement. You thought he was a grandfather waiting for the grandkids to get off a ride. Well, I looked at the picture again, and you know what? You may be right. I didn’t even think of that. Thanks.

*** And finally, sorry for the long footnotes today and yesterday. I guess I use the POD as my blog sometimes. I certainly use it as a pulpit… but oh, what a bully pulpit it is! 😛

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