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Venus in Legos

* If you understand today’s caption, you’re one kinky, well-read perv. Apologies to everyone else. But hey, at least you get a fun lesson out of it. (I’m one didactic sonofabitch, you know? But I digress…) Anyway, today’s sex-etymology lesson:

The word “masochist” is an eponym, which means that it comes from a person’s name (like “sandwich” and the Earl of Sandwich). In this case, the person is Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, a 19th Century Austrian writer. Not surprisingly, Sacher-Masoch was into pain, hence the word “masochist.”

Okay, so why the caption? Well, his best-known novel is Venus in Furs, and I felt like an inside joke for the half-dozen people who were likely to get it. Again, apologies to everyone who didn’t.

Bonus points for anyone who knew that the word “sadist” is another eponym. It comes from the Marquis de Sade, who was also into pain. But where Sacher-Masoch liked to endure pain for sexual gratification, de Sade was all about inflicting it.

Here endeth the kinky history lesson. – Nick

** Image © Nolnet at Brickshelf.

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