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* For all the nitwits whining about Bush and his bailouts, did you forget that I bitched about those too? Wall Street got greedy and deserves to take a flying leap. I said so at the time. And when the Big 3 auto makers flew their corporate jets to Washington to beg for handouts for their bad management and lousy cars, I bitched about that too.

Capitalism is a system of profit and loss. The fuckwits on Wall Street and in Detroit got rich when times were good. They paid their taxes and kept the rest as profit. Fine. And when they take a loss through inept management and sheer arrogance, too fucking bad. So they won’t pay taxes this year, since they don’t have any profits. But the loss is their problem as much as the profit was when they made it.

Profit and loss, people. It’s called Capitalism, and it rewards good behavior. We shouldn’t reward bad behavior by saving the arrogant jackasses now that their bad decisions have come home to roost.

(We shouldn’t save the fuckwits living in McMansions they can’t afford, either. They got fat in the good times, but now it’s come full circle. Too fucking bad.)

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