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Sleeping Venus
Giorgione, c.1510

* This was one of the last paintings by Giorgione before he died in 1510. It was unfinished at his death, so his student Titian completed the landscape and sky. (Tidbit: This classic pose inspired a score of later artists, and many experts credit it as one of the earliest examples of modern art.)

Venus of Urbino
Titian, 1538

* Although this was clearly inspired by Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus, Titian’s Venus is much more sensual and warm. Did you notice the maid in the background who looks like she’s frantically searching for something to cover her mistress? (Tidbit: Titian was so famous for his use of the color red that “titian red” is sometimes used to describe red hair.)

Édouard Manet, 1863

* Three centuries later, Manet clearly drew his inspiration from Titian when he painted Olympia. It was very controversial when it debuted, and became a cause célèbre for the young painters who eventually created Impressionism. (Tidbit: The reclining woman is a demimondaine [courtesan] waiting for a client. Also, did you notice the little black cat at the foot of the bed?)

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