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Real people fought and died for our freedom.
They didn’t die for a person or a place, but for an ideal.

And sometimes the best way to honor their sacrifice is
to pay attention to how you use this hard-won freedom.

You have the freedom to be an anonymous asshole on the internet.
Or you can treat people with respect and courtesy.

You have the freedom to blame anyone for your problems.
Or you can accept responsibility and work for change.

You have the freedom to insult people with different views.
Or you can listen to them and maybe even have a civil discussion.

You have the freedom to protest anything you don’t like.
Or you can realize that your rights end where the other person’s begin.

You have the freedom to fear change and the future.
Or you can realize that no one has ever stopped time.

Think about these things while you’re at the grill,
or on the lake, or wherever.

You have many freedoms.

How you use them is up to you.

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