Scipio S right Erotica by Nick Scipio

Flash & Sting Fiction

Flash Fiction is a complete story—beginning, middle, and end—in 300 words or less. Flash is a challenge to write, but I love the format, and these are some of my favorite stories. (I seem to write 250,000-word stories or 300-word stories. Some contrast, huh? Go figure.)

Sting Fiction isn’t really my own invention, but I think I’m the first to call it that. It’s not really a story, per se, but a scene, a snippet of dialog, or just a turn of phrase that interested me at the time.

I hope you enjoy reading these little stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. My favorites are “Ikebana” and “Palindrome”.

– Nick


Feudal Japan, arranged marriages, and flower arranging. What more could you ask for?

Author’s Note: I love feudal Japan. From the Sengoku Jidai to the Meiji Restoration, it’s an interesting culture, a study in contrasts. For those of you familiar with it, this story should reflect the period. For the rest of you, I hope you’re caught up in the world and its dichotomies.

Perfect Ten

Robert the accountant has something more to offer a girl.

Author’s Note: I wrote this for Ruthie when she asked me to submit a flasher for Ruthie’s Club’s “Dangerous Women” week. She also sent me an avatar of an Amazon princess. I didn’t realize that she was simply sending me the avatar for my comments. Instead, I wrote a story based on the avatar picture itself. I think it worked out well, but Ruthie had a good laugh at my expense.


Jillian’s first encounter with fanboys is… scary. But she quickly sees the possibilities.

Author’s Note: Japanese has a great word to describe overzealous fans, otaku. It’s a negative term used to describe someone who has no social life and tends to worship something, usually anime or manga. It’s more complex than that, but it basically means “loser fanboy.” If you’ve ever been to a SciFi, gaming, or comic book convention, you know exactly what I mean. I almost named this story “Otaku”, but I had a different show in mind. Bonus points if you recognize the title font.


A story, forward and backward.

Author’s Note: About a year ago, I got this crazy idea to write a story that was a palindrome, meaning it read the same forward and backward. This is the result.

Straight Up

A tony jazz club, a bar contest, and the promise of more.

Author’s Note: This is the first story with the “Jazz Club” characters, although it’s set in a different club than the one in the “Jazz Club” stories.

Sting Fiction

Number 6 is the reason I started writing Sting Fiction. Many of Number 6’s stories are very, very short, but they give you a great snapshot of a scene.

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