Scipio S right Erotica by Nick Scipio

Short Stories


Henry Adair is a successful businessman with an unsuccessful life. That changes when he picks up his daughter at college.

Author’s Note: This started as a much larger story, but I decided to write it as shorter vignettes. I have plenty of things planned for Henry Adair, but you’ll have to read to find out. When will I write more? When I have time (i.e., after I finish SC-B4). Enjoy!

Betsy Gets Lucky

Cindy was the only woman who ever meant anything to Howard, but she was gone. He’d met others who reminded him of her, but things always ended the same way. Then he helps Betsy out of a tight spot and she goes home with him… but can their relationship survive?

Author’s Note: The Betsy Stories at Ruthie’s Club all have an identical setup and the same main characters. But with several authors writing the various stories, they were bound to go in different directions. One is funny, one is romantic, several others are dark. Mine falls into the dark category, with a tiny mote of redemption. I hope you enjoy it.


Mike Logan is a fashion photographer. Lara is the youngest daughter of a wealthy Manhattan real estate tycoon, and she’s about to get married. When asked by a college buddy, Mike agrees to shoot Lara’s wedding, but he’s less than enthusiastic. Wedding photography has its own set of problems, but society weddings are the worst. On the plus side, Lara seems to have more on her mind than just photography.

Author’s Note: This story’s title and concept were loosely based on Friar Dave’s stories, which are almost all named for the lead female character. “Lara” was also supposed to be longer, originally, but I decided to keep the focus on the one women. Later on, I plan to add other stories, each with Mike Logan and a different female lead.

Feeding the Fire

She’s home after a night of drinking and dancing with the girls, and he’s angry.

Author’s Note: Blame Smilodon for this one. A little while ago, I read Smilodon’s “Schadenfreude”, which is a great story using only dialog. I don’t know why I started thinking about a story with only dialog, but I did. This morning, I was nice and warm in bed, and I didn’t really want to get up yet, so I wrote a couple of short stories in my head. This is one of them.

In Thoughts of You

A Mat Twassel challenge to write a story inspired by the Jack Vettriano painting “In Thoughts of You”.

Author’s Note: What can I say? I looked at the painting and immediately took a mental left turn. Call me crazy, but I don’t think this story is going to be like any of the other challenge entries.

The Assignment

A story about a coed and a young man in the University library.

Author’s Note: I originally wrote this for a very close friend. In other words, this was written for one special person. Bear that in mind when you read it. It’s not about rape, or even non-consensual sex. It’s sort of about domination and submission. Sort of. I know her likes and dislikes, and she enjoyed the story very much. She wanted me to post it so you might enjoy it as well. We hope you do.