Scipio S right Erotica by Nick Scipio

Tips & Tricks


Hover? Yep. Hover. HTML has a neat attribute: title. Most modern browsers use the title attribute to show those little tooltip boxes—the tags that pop up with more information. You can hover over lots of things on the site (hold your mouse over a link or word for a second or two, until the tip pops up).

For example, the links on the Summer Camp table of contents pages have story codes, which tell you what kind of sex to expect in the chapter. On the Women of Summer Camp and Men of Summer Camp pages, hovering tells you the character’s last name, as well as a little biographical info.

You can also hover over acronyms or abbreviations in the stories themselves. Some browsers show a little dotted line under words with a title tag. Hover over the word “HTML” (left, or above) and you get “HyperText Markup Language”. The Greek fraternity names and abbreviations like FBO also have title attributes.

I’ve added lots of them to the site, so hover over things and see what kind of additional information you get.

(Not all links have a title attribute. Some links are self-explanatory, and a title attribute would simply duplicate the text of the link itself. But a lot of links do have title attributes, so it never hurts to check out the little tooltips. With a little experience you’ll get to know where to expect them.)



I was tired of hitting Refresh (F5) to test my random images on the Summer Camp Extras page. So I wrote a bit of javascript to set which “random” image I want to display. You can use the same trick.

At the end of the URL, add “?woman=name”, where you replace name with the girl’s name.

For example, if you wanted to see Susan’s image, you’d add “?woman=Susan”. So the complete URL would be:

You can do the same thing on the Women of Summer Camp page. So the variable for Beth is “?woman=Beth”, and the complete URL would be:

Try it with any of the girls’ names. You can even bookmark the URL with the variable, so you’ll see the same image every time you load the page.

On the Men of Summer Camp page, the syntax is “?man=name”. So if you wanted to see Paul’s image, use “?man=Paul”. The complete URL would be:

Have fun!

(I’ve got a bit of error-trapping in the code, though, so if you enter a name that isn’t on the list, you get a random picture. And for those of you who are entirely too clever for your own good, you’ll gnash your teeth if you try something like “?woman=TheWife” or “?woman=DeadWoman”. Sorry. ;-)


Random Images

Each random image (on the Summer Camp Extras, Women of Summer Camp, and Men of Summer Camp pages) is also a link to that character’s page. Click the picture itself to see more images.


Title Graphics

You can click on the story title graphics and go back to the table of contents page.

On the Summer Camp chapter pages, the title graphic takes you to the ToC. (Did you remember to hover over the word ToC? It’s an acronym with a title tag. Cool, huh?)

On the short stories, clicking on the title graphic even takes you back to the original story description box.

You can actually click on most of the title graphics (including the site logo).


Picture Icons

On the Who’s Who and More Who’s Who in Summer Camp pages, the little picture icons (P) link to that character’s images in the Women or Men of Summer Camp pages.


What’s New

Check out the What’s New page. I post there whenever I add chapters, site features, new images, etc.


The Forum

Join the Forum, which has thousands of members and a wealth of different opinions, theories, and recommendations. It’s a good place to talk about anything and everything. We try to keep the political discussions to a minimum, but nothing is really off-topic, and it’s fun group of people.

I’d love to be able to exchange e-mails with everyone who reads my stories, but I just can’t do it. (Not if I want to write the stories in the first place, that is.) So the Forum is the best place to catch me. Check it out.



I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people ask questions without reading the FAQ.